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Poison or Protect On Sale Tomorrow ~ Squee! (Delightfully Deadly)

Posted by Gail Carriger

Poison or Protect is on sale tomorrow!


Cue Gail crazy running around flapping arms in a hyperventilating kind of way. Oh wait, that’s not dignified. I’m sitting drinking tea. Calmly. Oh so calmly.

I’m hoping it drops out everywhere it is supposed to. This is the cross my fingers that I have done everything I can, clear this week’s schedule in case of crash and burn, and… go.

You are hereby warned that if you are outside the US and/or not using Amazon and you don’t get it tomorrow at midnightrightawayohmygoshpleasepleaseplease and you tweet/comment/email/whatever at me freaking out, this will be my answer:

We can but hope it gets to you eventually. There is nothing more I can do. May Lord Akeldama be with you.

{Gail’s monthly read along for June is Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan}


Your Tisane of Smart . . .

The Extraordinary Life of Marianne North: The Victorian Gentlewoman Who Travelled the World

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .  
Making Fun of the Romance Reader

Book News:
Librarina says of the Finishing School Series:
“If you like steampunk, supernatural mysteries, and/or tales of girls who don’t quite fit in with their high society families, I recommend you check this series out.”

Quote of the Day:
“A little farm-house boy, of three years old, made a pet of a large squash, which he dressed in a pocket-handkerchief, and called Phebe Ann.”
~ The Ladies’ Guide to True Politeness and Perfect Manners or, Miss Leslie’s Behaviour Book
by Eliza Leslie (American 1864)

Questions about Gail’s steampunk world? There’s a wiki for that!

The Finishing School Girls… All Grown Up (Delightfully Deadly Special Extras)

Posted by Gail Carriger

In my  Delightfully Deadly series, Gentle Reader, I’m writing about the Finishing School girls (some of them) after they have left school and are out in the world being all crafty and spy-ish.

I starting by thinking about the kind of things that the Finishing School girls would get up to once they grew up. As a result, I started to collect images that were reminiscent of the side characters, particularly gravitating to period paintings.

I thought you might like a glimpse of them, Gentle Reader. Now, the clothing represented might not be quite right, but there is something about the mood in many of these paintings that I really loved and felt like went with that character.

This, for example, could be Agatha (having learned some things about dressing properly) consulting with yet another fortune teller.

via @MimiMatthewsEsq Twitter

Speaking of which Mimi Matthews post on 19th Century Fortune-Telling- From the Drawing Room to the Court Room is excellent.

fromthehandsofquacks- tumblr

A daguerreotype showing a hypnotist at work, c.1845.

By- John Adams Whipple (1822-1891) New York Metropolitan Museum

I like this one for Agatha too:

James Tissot, Young Ladies Looking at Japanese Objects, 1869via myhellodarling Tumblr

And what about Monique? Well she always has a bit of a thing for duck ponds.

James Tissot Painting via @Moorreen Twitter

Here’s some Sidheag imagery. For some reason I chose this first one for her even though the hair is a little dark, but the way she holds herself seems right. You know Sidheag would totally sit on the floor reading letters from her lost love.

Old Letters and Dead Leaves by Claude Andrew Calthrop via @04artemis Twitter

However the real historical Gwladys Robinson, Marchioness of Ripon, looks way more as I imagined Sidheag Maccon, Lady Kingair. I suppose, that after the Parasol Protectorate books (SPOILER if you haven’t read them, skip to the next photo) as a real Alpha, Sidheag would hold the position of Countess of Kingair (titles for supernaturals do not carry the same gender restrictions as they do for daylight folk). So she might just be this regal by the 1880s!

 1880s Gwladys Robinson Marchioness of Ripon via antique-royals Tumblr

Well, that’s all for now, just a little insight into how the mind of an author works form a visualization perspective.

{Gail’s monthly read along for June is Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan}


Poison or Protect ~ A Delightfully Deadly Novella

 Romance featuring a several-times widowed Preshea and the gentle Scottish captain who could change everything. (Gail’s first foray into hybrid land.)


Your Moment of Parasol . . .


Le Follet Saturday, September 1, 1866 v. 45, plate 105

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

Your Tisane of Smart . . .

The Revealing History of Underwear

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .  

Book News:

Joy’s Book Blog reviews Prudence and says:

“Gail Carriger has such a fun and ridiculous sense of humor that I always know that her books are good for a laugh.”

Quote of the Day:

“Bread and butter, devoid of charm in the drawing-room, is ambrosia eating under a tree.”

~ Elizabeth Russell


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What’s Inside the New Gail Carriger Novellas? (Behind the magic)

Posted by Gail Carriger


I ran a bit of an AMA on the novellas a little while ago, here are answers to your questions, Gentle Reader! And if they spark more questions, please, ask away.

Are these novellas more on the young adult or the adult side of the spectrum?

Adult. Specifically romance. I love reading romance and I wanted to challenge myself to write it, because that scares me. And I respond to fear with efficiency.


Are there going to be any characters we recognize besides Preshea (first novella) and Madame Lefoux (second novella)?

Oh yes. All over. In Poison or Protect a certain person who always shows up, has shown up. (Are we surprised? No.) And I had an unexpected visit from an old favorite in the second novella as well. I think you’ll be very pleased to see her.

When are the first novellas set?

Poison or Protect is 1867, basically half way between Finishing School and Parasol Protectorate. The second novella, however, will be set after the Parasol Protectorate, and the one after that will likely fill a gap between Imprudence and the third Custard Protocol book (although not involving any of those characters). In truth? It’s pretty much where I think things work for the story and the greater character arcs and life-cycle of my whole parasolverse.

Les Modes Parisiennes Monday, April 1, 1867 v. 46, plate 36

Why did you choose Preshea for your first indie, rather than a more “fan-favorite” character?

Many reasons. The most important being that, hers was the first story that really sang in my head. And my main purpose in going hybrid is the opportunity to write whatever moves me, when it moves me.

The questions then is, why push Preshea out to production first?

Partly because she isn’t a fan favorite. I can take more risks with Preshea ~ with her story, with the genres it straddles, with everything. Also, I can make mistakes on the other side of production, formatting, uploading, distribution, and so forth with fewer angry emails (I hope). Can you imagine if I wrote about Biffy and Lyall, and then it didn’t download properly to all Amazon.uk customers? Or I couldn’t figure out how to get it into print production fast enough? Or…

So much anger.

And I would have no familiarity at all with what could be done to solve any given problem. Just typing about it gives me that stress stretched feeling between my eyes.

I’ve always been risk averse by nature, and hybrid is a very risky proposition, so I figured I should learn to swim before I jump in the deep end. Of course, I’m a pretty good swimmer, but you know what they say: it is always the best swimmers who drown.

Now I’m losing the analogy.

Anyway, those are my honest reasons: inspiration, caution, and, frankly, fear. Nothing ruins my day faster than an email from someone who wants to read my book and can’t get it. As things stand now there is usually nothing I can do about it. But as my own publisher? I need to make sure I know what I’m doing before I push a fan favorite out into the world.


Are you planning a whole series of novellas related to the characters we already know (and adore)?

Yes. You can find little teasers of information here on my website: Delightfully Deadly, Supernatural Society, and Claw & Courtship. Right now it looks like the first is a Delightfully Deadly Novella, the second two will be Supernatural Society, and next year will see the first Claw & Courtship.

Would you accept suggestions for the protagonists of future novellas?

No. As I said above, my main reason for going hybrid is the opportunity to write about the character I find inspiring. That said, I did run a poll at the beginning of last year and I am taking some cues from there. Trust me, I go out and talk to my readers so often I have a pretty good idea who you’re interested in seeing more of. However, that may not be what I want to write first. Don’t worry, I think you’ll like the results either way.


Was the cover influenced by your recent cover poll?

Sort of. That poll was mainly for my own interest and to see what kinds of options I have. Sadly what people like, or say they like, is not necessarily what will sell a book. And I do need these novellas to earn enough money to at least cover their costs or I really can’t afford to produce them. (That said, I was pleased to see Waistcoats and Weaponry do so well in the poll because of its influence on the design of Poison or Protect. Which I think you can kind of see.)


{Gail’s monthly read along for June is Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan}


Poison or Protect ~ A Delightfully Deadly Novella

 Romance featuring a several-times widowed Preshea and the gentle Scottish captain who could change everything. (Gail’s first foray into hybrid land.)


Your Moment of Parasol . . .


Magasin des Demoiselles Tuesday, May 1, 1866 v. 45, plate 78


Your Infusion of Cute . . .

Your Tisane of Smart . . .

Tea Gowns

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .  

What an Author Reading is and Why You Should Go to One

Book News:

Gail makes an appearance in this documentary: Vintage Tomorrows

Quote of the Day:

“Bread deals with living things, with giving life, with growth, with the seed, the grain that nurtures.  It is not coincidence that we say bread is the staff of life.”
~ Lionel Poilane


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Behind the Magic ~ The Story Behind the Cover Art of Poison or Protect

Posted by Gail Carriger

Hello Gentle Reader,

Today I have for you the story behind the cover of Poison or Protect! Which you can now Preorder from:




Barnes & Noble

Quick reference (from my RWA chapter presentation on Saturday)


And now more on the cover art of my first self-published novella…  

POISON OR PROTECT: A Delightfully Deadly Novella

Out June 21, 2016!



I had a good idea of what Preshea looked like, and frankly, Autumn is a friend of mine and I always thought of Preshea as looking a little bit like her. Not that Autumn is cold or liable to poison you (in fact she is one of the warmest, nicest, most generous people I know), but she does have the right LOOK.

Autumn and I have worked together (once, long ago in a different life I actually did some modeling for her, but I digress) so I pinged about her professional images and turned up this gem.


Why did it attract me?

I wanted something confrontational, with Preshea staring out of the cover directly at the reader. (She’s an assassin after all. It needed to feel almost aggressive.) I liked the contrast of the white dress/underthings with this pose. (This was from a wedding shoot. Dark Garden does some truly amazing bridal couture.) Also the cover MUST say romance, I can’t have readers deluded by the cover into thinking this is any other kind of story. I work very hard never to leave my readers feeling betrayed and that starts with cover art. I feel like this image hit all the right notes. So I reached out to Autumn and she gave me the photographer’s contact info. A short while later the lovely Perry Gallagher had licensed me the image.

Image in hand I went to Starla Huchton for the cover design.

How did I find Starla?

Starla is a friend of mine via the podcasting world. However, that alone would not have been enough, if the quality of her work weren’t stellar. She’s a particularly adaptable cover art designer, who can change her style drastically given the type of story. Take a look at her gallery if you don’t believe me.

So we talked fonts, putting paint slashes behind my name and title, arrangements, layout, and so forth. The idea was to draw on the slashing-behind-the-words style of my first series, but keep the coloration and lay out style of my second series, since the Delightful Deadly Novellas feature characters from the Finishing School books. At the same time, this cover had to be different enough to show that this was a new series, adult, and romantic.



The first and second passes.  You can see that after the first pass I asked to see the font as white over black, and shifted down, also I wanted to see what a more vibrant background looked like. I found that blue too vibrant. So Starla tweaked it one final time and…. MAGIC



You can see how the purple is more vibrant but not as overwhelming as the blue? The text is balanced at the bottom, and Preshea looks out at you, calm, coy, and ever so slightly threatening.


Why the purple and not pink like the other first books in your series?

Well, Poison or Protect is NOT the first in a series. It’s a stand alone. I wanted to make that very clear. I felt pink might be misleading. Also Preshea is not a pink person. She is cool and calm and very icy. She wears blues, greens, greys, and whites in all her appearances in this book and I wanted to stick with that for her character.


Print 1Prudence 1Etiquette&Espionage


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Your Moment of Parasol . . .

1861 La Belle Assemblee
Wednesday, May 1, 1861 Item ID-  v. 41, plate 123


Your Infusion of Cute . . .

Afternoon dress, 1855-65. via shewhoworshipscarlin tumblr


Your Tisane of Smart . . .
10 Tea Mugs & Sets Perfect for an Afternoon Break

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .  
Harvard Loses Copyright Infringement Case Against Steve Elmo

Book News:
Gail Carriger Made the 100 Must-Read Sci-Fi Fantasy Novels By Female Authors list by BookRiot

Quote of the Day:
“Everyone’s mysterious before you know them.” “But w-when you know me, I won’t be mysterious anymore.” “Yeah, you’ll be you, and that’ll be better.”
~ Waiting for the Flood by Alexis Hall


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How to Get the New Gail Carriger Novellas? (Occasional FAQ)

Posted by Gail Carriger

Fun questions from you, Gentle Reader, have resulted in this blog post.

How do I get one?

One of my reasons for going hybrid is to make these stories as widely available as possible. I’m shooting for most platforms except Google Play. I’m distributing via a combination of Amazon and Draft2Digital (which pushes out to other storefronts like iBooks, Kobo, Nook). These platforms should also provide the novellas to most international markets.*

I will also offer versions of the ebook via Gumroad on my website on publication date. You will be able to buy all electronic versions directly from me there. I cannot guarantee a novella will be available everywhere on the same date and some territories may simply have too many restrictions, but I am trying to make these available as widely as possible.

Why can I only pre-order on Amazon?

Because I wanted to get this first book to you quickly and the restrictions on pre-order for other platforms were too extreme in terms of time frame. I’m hoping to have this fixed for the next novella.

(Updated: now available on Barnes & Noble and Kobo and iTunes)

What if I don’t have an e-reader?

If you do not want to use a mobile option on your phone etc, my website will ALSO offer a pdf, just go to the book’s page and I promise it will be there. You can then read it on your desktop computer.

What about a proper printed book?

I intend to provide a print-on-demand option for these novellas. Because they are novellas these books will not be very thick. I know that I have print-only readers, and I’m trying very hard to cater to you. It really isn’t easy. Print versions will not be cheap, POD is expensive. And they will be slower to deliver. Right now I intend to try for both Createspace (Amazon) and Ingram Spark (Lightning Source) so indie bookstores could stock it, if they wanted. As most freelance formatters don’t work with Ingram I’ll be doing that leg myself (and it’s never good if I waste time on technology when I could be writing). If it’s too hard, I may end up just using Amazon.

I am trying this with Poison or Protect and if it doesn’t work, then I’ll not continue print versions. However, this doesn’t mean they’ll never see the printed page. These novellas are all open for reprint in anthologies. Also I could definitely see, when I have enough, pulling them together into omnibus collections.

How about a signed printed book?

You know the drill. If I do it, it’ll be a special give away via my the Chirrup. But if you plan to buy one and bring it to any of my events I will absolutely sign it. You can also email or call Borderlands Books in San Francisco.

Will there be an audiobook?

Likely. I have talent in mind for voice and production (no I likely can’t get my existing readers to do it) but this is a super expensive proposition to do well. Frankly, the first novella (or novellas) must earn back my initial outlay (which has been considerable) before I even consider an audiobook. I’m sorry to be crass, but there is the truth of being a professional. Frankly the surest way to get an audiobook is to buy it in ebook or print first. If you can’t read it yourself, gift it to someone else. Or wait, keep your fingers crossed, and hope.

How many novellas do you want to do, or is it more of a “the first 2 have to do well” sort of deal before you can do more?

Definitely the latter. You must know that I’m loving doing this, but if I can’t recoup my expenses at the very least, then I have to go back to only writing the novels. This is how I make my living, after all.

That said, I have about 20 in mind if this all works out they will keep me occupied in my spare time for a good long while.

You can find little teasers of information on the wikia: Delightfully Deadly, Supernatural Society, and Claw & Courtship. And on my website.


Do I have to have read your other books first?

No. I had Poison or Protect beta tested by someone who had never read any of my books. My developmental editor is good about pin-pointing areas where readers may be confused and I’ve taken pains to fix them. Like all my work, the more you read in the parasolverse the more cookies and Easter eggs you catch but no stand alone novel should ever presume prior knowledge, that would defeat the purpose… if you ask me.


* This presuming they play nice with my tax situation and general technological incompetence. I am not interested in alternate distribution options at this time. I have done the research and given my time constraints this is what I’ve decided. This may change in the future.

{Gail’s monthly read along for June 2016 was Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan.)

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Your Moment of Parasol . . .


1860s  The Victoria & Albert Museum

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .  

“People want these stories” Women Win Big at the Nebula Awards

Book News:

via ace-artemis-fanartist- tumblr

About time I drew these adorable (deadly?) intelligencers in training

Quote of the Day:

“Hated how easy it was for people like him, who never had to close their mouths to hide how broken they were.”

~ Winter Rain (Love in the Rain Book 2) by Delphine Dryden, Inara Scott, Serena Bell, Amber Lin, Alexis Hall, Suleikha Snyder, Stacy Reid, Cole McCade, Tamsen Parker, Sarah Frantz

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Preshea All Grown Up ~ Secrets of Poison or Protect (Delightfully Deadly Special Extras)

Posted by Gail Carriger

Poison or Protect the first novella in the Decidedly Deadly series features Preshea.

I’ve been particularly focused on inspirational images for her. Here are a few I have collected…


Carmen, Duchesse de Montmorency
via Dr Rachael Turner @turner_rachael

Here’s a painting of Preshea dreaming. (You know at least one of her husbands would have had her painted in an overly romantic manner.)

via @MimiMatthewsEsq  “The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of” by John Anster Fitzgerald, 1858

Here’s another one of her looking languid. For some reason, with Preshea, I gravitate towards these kinds of images. I see her as sad and pensive, warn by all that poisoning.

Preshea Relaxing via Natl Gallery of Art @ngadc  by John Singer Sargent


my-ear-trumpet- tumblr  finevernacularphotography-
Curtis & Crosby, Lewiston, Maine, USA, ca. 1870s
Carte de visite, 4 x 2 ½ ins. (10 x 6 cm) © Fine Vernacular Photography

And here is an image that is insight into something that happens in the story itself: Preshea actual consoling one of the other house guests. Does she actually manage to grow a heart? You’ll have to read to find out.

“The Approaching Footstep” by Thomas Brooks 1853
via Ephemeral Elegance @drapedinhistory

{Gail’s monthly read along for June is Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan}


  • Imprudence ~ Custard Protocol Book the Second.
    Out July 19, 2016 in print and eBook to US.
  • Romancing the Inventor ~ A Supernatural Society Novella.
    Status: Developmental edit. Cover reveal and release date to come.
    LBGT romance featuring a parlormaid bent on seducing a certain cross-dressing inventor who is too brokenhearted to notice. Or is she?


Poison or Protect ~ A Delightfully Deadly Novella

 Romance featuring a several-times widowed Preshea and the gentle Scottish captain who could change everything. (Gail’s first foray into hybrid land.)


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

1862 Title- Ladies' Companion Date- Friday, August 1, 1862 Item ID- v. 42, plate 115

Ladies’ Companion Friday, August 1, 1862 v. 42, plate 115

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

Lillput Long Stretch Cute

Your Tisane of Smart . . .

Orchids and Wolves

Book News:

Beyond the Trope says of Manners & Mutiny:

“Many of the questions left open at the end of the last two books are finally answered. New questions arise through this story, as well, and Carriger successfully gives the readers what they want: a satisfying conclusion full of answers.”

Questions about Gail’s steampunk world? There’s a wiki for that!

Cover Art Reveal: Poison or Protect (Delightfully Deadly)

Posted by Gail Carriger


Gentle Reader, I am DELIGHTED to finally show you the long awaited cover for my first self published novella…


A Delightfully Deadly Novella

By Gail Carriger

Out June 21, 2016!


Chirrup subscribers got an early look and some of you have already seen it on Amazon, but here it is in full high impact glory!

This cover was assembled by the amazing Starla Huchton (I love her!). The photo was taken by the brilliant Perry Gallagher (all rights reserved). It features the indomitable Autumn as Preshea wearing her own Dark Garden corset creation.

Stay tuned on how the cover art came to be and some behind the scenes footage! But for now, here it is, I hope you love it as much as I do.

About this book!

Poison or Protect: A Delightfully Deadly Novella by Gail Carriger

Can one gentle Highland soldier woo Victorian London’s most scandalous lady assassin, or will they both be destroyed in the attempt? 

New York Times bestselling author Gail Carriger presents a stand-alone romance novella set in her popular steampunk universe full of manners, spies, and dainty sandwiches.

Lady Preshea Villentia, the Mourning Star, has four dead husbands and a nasty reputation. Fortunately, she looks fabulous in black. What society doesn’t know is that all her husbands were marked for death by Preshea’s employer. And Preshea has one final assignment.

It was supposed to be easy, a house party with minimal bloodshed. Preshea hadn’t anticipated Captain Gavin Ruthven – massive, Scottish, quietly irresistible, and… working for the enemy. In a battle of wits, Preshea may risk her own heart – a terrifying prospect, as she never knew she had one.

Warning: Contains men pleasing women and ladies who know what they want and ask for it, sometimes in detail. May also contain plaid, appearances from favorite characters, and the strategic application of leather gloves.

Buy Poison or Protect today to find out whether it’s heartbreak or haggis at this high tea.

Right now Poison or Protect is only available for preorder via Amazon. However, it will be widely distributed to other platforms including Kobo, iBooks, and Nook.

{Gail’s monthly read along for June is Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan}


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

Le Follet  Sunday, September 1, 1861 v. 42, plate 29


Your Infusion of Cute . . .


Your Tisane of Smart . . .

Swarms of Octopus Are Taking Over the Ocean

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .

Amazon.com Announces the Most Read Cities in America

Book News:
Gail talks about the Finishing School series at the International Spy Museum

Quote of the Day:

“He did have one fine looking butt, though. Too bad it was attached to another planet.”

~ Prophecy by Lea Kirk

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Poison or Protect is Coming June 21, 2016 (Delightfully Deadly)

Posted by Gail Carriger


Well hello Gentle Reader, I’ve had a busy weekend. I hope yours was more relaxing.

Why was I so busy?

Well, subscribers to my newsletter, the Chirrup have a super secret preview in their inboxes today!

Here’s a bit of a teaser for the rest of you…

Poison or Protect: A Delightfully Deadly Novella is up for preorder on Amazon! It will drop to other platforms on (or as close as possible to) the release date. And it will (eventually) be available in print, but that will take me a bit more time to figure out how to execute properly.

{Gail’s monthly read along for June is Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan}


Your Moment of Parasol . . .


Parasol and Bonnet  1860  Musée Galliera de la Mode de la Ville de Paris

Your Infusion of Cute . . .


Book News:

Silvana Fan Art Sophronia from instagram

Quote of the Day:
“To gather up the dust of my heart and scatter it again on the winds of hope.”
~ Waiting for the Flood by Alexis Hall

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Gail’s Future ~ Your Questions Answered: Coloring Books & Lord Akeldama (Q&A with Gail Carriger)

Posted by Gail Carriger

So I was having a bit of a brain fart recently, Gentle Reader, and couldn’t think of anything exciting to blog about that you’d want to know, so I did a spontaneous AMA. Thanks to everyone who (equally spontaneously) participated.

Ever thought about a parasol protectorate adult coloring book?

It’s a bit complicated rights-wise, but Hachette did say they were interested in doing one. I said that’s a wonderful idea! And… cue radio silence. I’ll prod them again in a bit. Or ask my agent to prod.

Prod prod prod.

Why Traditional Publishing Takes So Long

1770s  The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston via omgthatdress

How about writing an anthology about Lord Akeleama adventures from the beginning?

Ueerm.. noooo. Well, not like that anyway. Here’s the thing about Lord Akeldama (because there is always a THING): he is fun as a side character, easy to write, always livens up the place but would be impossible to live (inside my head) with if he were the protagonist. You might be able to cope with it (although I doubt it), can you imagine? Dahling! So much drama! But even if you could take it to read, I certainly couldn’t take it to write. One scene with that man is beyond exhausting! A whole short story might put me in hospital.

All hail the Percy Smirk via oimpernelfans tumblr

I have however, contemplated writing about him from, for example, the perspective of one of his love-lorn dronie-poohs. But, I need that POV to sing to me, and he hasn’t peeped yet. He may peep. You never know who will wake you up in the middle of the night, as an author.

What other genres have you considered writing? Have you ever considered writing a full length novel or series about a different era than the victorian age? Or perhaps a steampunk series set in a different universe than the Parasol Protectorate?

I have a great idea (I think) for a new paranormal YA series set in 1980s suburbia. There’s also space opera, which I love reading and would like to maybe write some day. I’m not sure I have the chops for it though. And, of course, Crudrat is YA space opera.


I could see myself writing something set in the ancient world, or an alternate reality version thereof too. Since I came from that world originally (professionally speaking).

When do you estimate you’ll have time to continue Crudrat? I know it’ll be after you finish the Prudence series, but…

Honestly? A few years at least, as many as five, possibly even more. It’s one of the reasons I never made it available in print, I didn’t want to disappoint people with such a big gap. I hate leaving readers waiting expectantly. For this, I apologize.

What character archetypes/tropes you just love in non-bustlepunk?

Well I talk a lot about the character and archetypes that I love in this post I did about tropes. YA fantasy is a big one for me. I’d love to write traditional fantasy for adults or young adults. I have a this great world I invented years ago that I’d love to revisit some day and see if any wonderful characters live there. (It’s all about the characters, before I can write about somewhere, I need to know someone in my head. Make sense?)

Song of the Lioness

Do you ever feel too tied to your current material or do you still love it enough that you enjoy expanding the world through Prudence et all?

I genuinely love it. I’d stop if I didn’t and write something else.

Will you write about Lord Maccon’s past before he was turned?

I never thought about that. The life of a large Scottish opera singer. Could be fun. Not sure though, he works so well as a foil for Alexia, how to write him on his own?

ariellamartinez tubmr
Alexia Tarabotti ♡  Conall Maccon
from the bookseries “Soulless” by Gail Carriger.  You need to love them.

I loved the side story with M. Tarabotti – will there be other side stories as well? 

Yes, I hope so. I’d like to write a whole series of shorts about him at different points in his life.

Would you consider writing a book with another author? If so, who would be on your shortlist?

Yes. I’ve halfway co-authored a piece with my friend Dan Sawyer, but we sort of dropped the ball on it. It would have to be with someone who can handle humor well and who I get along with on a personal level. That list wouldn’t be very long. Maybe some day…

What other supernatural creatures are you thinking about exploring in future short stories, novellas, books, etc?

If it qualifies as a vampire or a shape-shifter with mythological historical connections, it’s probably on my long list of possibilities.

What are some things that are on your bucket list (doable things, crazy things, not metaphysically possible things)? 

Honestly? I’m pretty happy with where I am in my life. I’ve learned cool stuff, visited awesome places, found the love of an AB and a cat, and produced a body of work that is out there in the world that I’m pretty darn proud of. I don’t think I can ask for much more.

Most of my practical dreams now revolve around food I want to try, shoes I want to buy, and things I want to write. But I could genuinely die tomorrow and be happy with my life. I don’t think that’s morbid, I think I’m profoundly privileged to be able to say that.

Everything from here on out is gravy. And I do like gravy.

I’d Rather Be Drinking Gravy Mug

Crazy things? I’d like to fly first class to an exotic small island (probably in or near Asia) where they serve amazing fruit, there’s a private vanishing edge pool and a natural hot spring. I’ve never traveled first class, I’d like to try it just once. And my idea of paradise involves tropical fruit, fresh water of various temperatures (without chlorine), and tons of free time just to read.

No metaphysically possible? I want gills so I can swim for as long as I like underwater unencumbered.

Update on when your self published books are coming out? 

I am trying for June, but if I miss that window it won’t be until August. So one of the two. I should know more in about two weeks, so long as everything goes to plan.

How to Write a Novella

{Gail’s monthly read along for May is Powers That Be by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough.}


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

Carl Rudolph Sohn-  Princess Beatrice – 1883 via antique-royals tumblr

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

Your Tisane of Smart . . .
Heroines, Smugglers, and Spies: The Forgotten Contributions of Women in the Civil War

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .  
Dickens Characters with Really Silly Names

Book News:
If there are hearts to be broken, break them: An Interview with Gail Carriger

Quote of the Day:
“On the one hand, he was shockingly rude to Oliver. On the other, I have often been shockingly rude to Oliver myself, and I understand the impulse.”
~ Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevermer, Sorcery & Cecelia

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Ketchup ~ Novellas, Cover Art, Edits on Poison or Protect, Oh My! (Delightfully Deadly)

Posted by Gail Carriger


My dear Gentle Reader, hope all is well with you. Yesterday was national tea day (I drank a great deal of it, as per usual). Other than that, it’s all novellas all the time here in the den of the writerbeast.

Serenity, or should I say: sereni-tea?


Developmental edit of Poison or Protect

I’m working hard on the developmental edit of Poison or Protect. I had a slight hiccough in the process to do with Word vrs track changes. The details are sublimely dull, basically I lost about a day’s worth of work, which was disheartening. (Nothing to do with not backing up. I always backup.) I’m running an updated version yet it will keep crashing (and don’t you dare mention .odt, it’s even worse). Unfortunately, Scrivener is not a solution at the track changes stage of manuscript preparation. So I spent some time figuring out the bugs, and now I must train myself to avoid the triggers. Should be smooth sailing from here on out.

1866-1868  The Philadelphia Museum of Art
Poison or Protect takes place during this time period.


Do we have a release date?

Argh! I’m trying to settle on a release date but since this is the first novella, I kind of don’t know until I actually do it. And I can’t actually do it until I’m at least at the copy edit stage. A few horror stories from behind the scenes have made me wary of putting up a preorder with anything less than a penultimate draft. Plus I don’t want to lock myself into a release date only to have something go horribly, horribly wrong. So I want everything ready to go before I commit. I’d rather have people dangling wild with anticipation than disappointed. Sorry, that’s my nature.

Do we have cover art?

Why yes, yes we do! And I am so delighted with it. But you’ll have to be patent a little longer while I figure out this preorder thing.

Ask me questions!

However, I’m getting ready to do some posts about this first novella, its cover, how its cover happened, and what you might expect. If you have any questions about it, now would be a great time to ask. I will try to write some posts with your answer for you soon.

You can leave a comment below (blogspot, goodreads) or drop me a calling card if you’d like to remain discrete.

{Gail’s monthly read along for April is To Play the Lady by Naomi Lane.}


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

Le Follet Monday, April 1, 1867 Item ID-  v. 46, plate 39

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

Your Tisane of Smart . . .
A Victorian Lady’s Guide to Hair Care
Headdresses and Hairstyles (1811-1820)
Victorian Cosmetics: Red Lip Rouge and Lip Salve for 19th Century Ladies

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .  

via writingbox tumblr

Book News:

via ace-artemis-fanartist-tumblr
As I’ve said before; I love drawing my otps dancing.
Here is Biffy and Professor Lyall from Parasol Protectorate by Gail Carriger.

Quote of the Day:
“Richard left him, cherishing the almost imperceptible quiver of amusement in his voice like a precious thing.”
~ A Gentleman’s Position by K.J. Charles (I love this series)

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Character Story Poll Results ~ Which Side Character Would You Like to Star in their Own Story?

Posted by Gail Carriger


At the beginning of the month, I asked you, Gentle Reader, which side character you would like to see star in their own story. Fascinating results my dear Gentle Reader, absolutely fascinating.

Blogspot’s percentages are all over the place (likely because people could vote from more than one character at a time). Livejournal is a super pain to work with as a platform, but their blog-internal polling widget is not to be sneezed at. Far superior. However, you can see the results in both venues were pretty similar. Ah, demographics.

The final ranking results were as follows:

  1. Lyall ~ 528
  2. Biffy ~ 523
  3. Lefoux ~ 509
  4. Sidheag ~ 380
  5. Dimity ~ 189
  6. Channing ~ 153
  7. Alessandro ~ 131
  8. The Dewan ~ 89
  9. Agatha ~ 79
  10. Monique ~ 30
  11. Preshea ~ 23

Mostly things fell out as I expected. Not to be cocky… but you think I don’t pay attention to the forums and in Q&As? I know who you love… Although I will say, Sidheag was a surprise. I had no idea she was such a popular character.

There were some interesting side suggestions as well. Of course, many mentioned Lord Akeldama. I left him off the list intentionally because I didn’t want him to distract from the other characters. He is nothing if not distracting! Soap, Ivy, Felix, and Pillover were commonly requested as well. I have reasons for all four of these omissions. It would be spoiler-ish to say why.

A few commenters specified time lines: Lyall’s origin story (I’ve never thought about this, it would be fun), Ivy as a baroness, Sophronia as a working adult. One wanted to know about Dimity’s parents. (I hadn’t even considered them. But what a wonderful idea for a evil genius star-crossed lovers story, and it would have a regency setting!)

You see? This I why I do this. So many fun things to think about. You guys are constantly leading me towards further insight into my own characters. It’s awesome.

Does it mean there is an immanent Lyall/Biffy short on the way? Nooooooo. But it means it jumped higher up the queue. No promises on timelines until I get Imprudence roughed out and a few other 2015 projects socked away. But 2016 should be fun. Thank you for taking the poll, you have made it that much funner.

{What is Gail’s Book Group reading for Febuary? Karen Memory by Elizabeth Bear, read about its inception from a conversation and a YA proposal, and glorious hair. Or here is another one on Suvudu}


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

1837 Robe des magasins Delisle, rue Grammon-? Chapeau de chez Lemonnier, rue St. Honore, 348. Voile de chez Mme. Lasalle, passage des Panoramas, 54. Title-  La Mode Date-  Saturday, July 1, 1837 Item ID-  v. 18, plate 95

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

Your Tisane of Smart . . .

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .  
Who’s Running Your Writers’ Group? Why You Should Be Careful

Book News:
Jenny of Book Sojourner says of Waistcoats & Weaponry:

“I am still loving this series. It’s fun, it’s creative, and it’s completely engaging. … I got a real kick out of all the situations they would find themselves in, the twists and developments, and especially the witty dialogue.”

Quote of the Day:

Grammerly FB
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National Poetry Month… Dimity Style (Finishing School Special Extras)

Posted by Gail Carriger


Gentle Reader, April is National Poetry Month. As you may have guessed from my work I have a contentious relationship with poetry. Part of this has to do with my misspent youth. Some youths misspent their energy on crazy parties, doughnutting, cow tipping, you know. I wrote poetry. I am ashamed.

Nevertheless, here is my contribution to National Poetry Month, from Dimity in Curtsies & Conspiracies.

British Paintings tumblr: 1879 George Elgar Hicks – On the Seashore

Dimity said, “I wrote him poetry!”
Preshea let go of the young lord and continued on with her conversation. Dingleproops brushed at the spot where her hand had been, straightening his jacket.
“Dimity,” Sophronia said, horrified by such an admission, “you didn’t give him the poetry, did you?”
“Certainly not.”
Sidheag tilted back in her chair, grinning. “Well, let’s hear it.”
“Oh, no. I don’t think that’s a good idea at all.” But Dimity was already dipping into her reticule and pulling out a scrap of paper. She gave it to Sidheag, who read it with a perfectly straight face, her tawny eyes dancing, and then passed it to Sophronia.

“My love is like a red red rose
occasionally he has a red red nose
he could keep me warm in the snows
I wager he has very nice toes.”

Sophronia could think of nothing to say except, “Oh, Dimity.”

So there you have it. Scared of poetry? Make it silly!

Book Pertinent to this post! 

Defy Or Defend Dimity Delightfully Deadly Free Download DD2


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

At one of the first Nova Albion Steampunk Events

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

At Bouquets to Art, De Young Museum, SF

Your Tisane of Smart . . .

1905 inland-delta-tumblr José García Ramos, Leaving a Masqued Ball, 1905  (Source- commons.wikimedia.org)

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .  
The Ins and Outs of ISBNs

Book News:

Livre de Poche ‏@livredepoche jusqu’au 7 avril ! Pour jouer

Quote of the Day:

“The pen runs so easy when you have good ink, and smooth paper, and an easy desk to write on, and the consciousness of an audience of one, two or three hundred thousand readers.”

~ Around the Tea Table, by T. De Witt Talmage (1875)

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