Etiquette & Espionage Book Trailer & Tumbler

Today Little Brown launched two very exciting things. The Finishing School tumbler feed blog. That includes sample material, as well as DVD extras about the Academy, forthcoming lessons, and . . . My first official book trailer! As a rule, I’m a little nervous about book trailers, but I’m quite chuffed with this one. It’s […]

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Bumbersnoot Art! (Finishing School Special Extras)

Bumbersnoot is a new and excitingly silly character in the up-coming Finishing School series. On his first introduction… It had four legs—four very short legs—and a small, spiky tail. Steam emanated slightly from its underbelly, and smoke came out from under its leather earflaps. It looked a little like one of those sausage dogs the […]

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Upcoming Etiquette & Espionage Events

You haven’t seen the duck legs paddling, Gentle Reader, but they have been going madly under the water my end for a week or more. I thought 2013 would be a beast. That beast appears to be a vicious quack of a duck. QUAK! This early 2013 scrabbling is because I am trying to finishing […]

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Etiquette & Espionage Final Cover

Today in the mailman brought to me . . . Three Amazon Packages Two Copies of Page Proofs and An Early Print of E&E! Etiquette & Espionage final embossed cover Etiquette & Espionage final back cover Etiquette & Espionage final spine cover & spine underneath GAIL’S DAILY DOSE Your Moment of Parasol . . . […]

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Bumbersnoot Art for ARC Contest Concludes

Since we had less than 20 entries I am delighted, and even more relieved, to say that everyone who entered won! With the exception of one sketch: Meghanisms For whom I never got an email address. Sadness. So everyone should expect contact from my publisher over the next week or so. Please don’t fret if […]

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Changing Release Dates

Some of my more crafty Gentle Readers out there have already spotted this fact ~ yes my release dates have changed. Etiquette & Espionage (The Finishing School Book the First) is still releasing February 5, 2013. It will be in hard back. You can pre-order on Amazon or any fine bookstore online or near you. […]

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Name That Finishing School Class CLOSED

The random numbers have been generated, Gentle Reader, and the list has been sent to my publishing house. Winners are chosen. We had a total of 149 entrants, from which 20 were drawn. Please make certain your spam filters are adjusted so that an email from my publicist can get through to you. They’ll be […]

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