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Gail Carriger Interviews P.N. Elrod about The Hanged Man

I talked about how much I enjoyed this book recently and to follow up I invited the lovely author round for one of my silly interviews. Please welcome P.N. Elrod to the blog! About you, the Author! Tea or coffee and how do you take it? Tea in the winter straight and very strong, coffee […]

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Interview with Adam Christopher

Adam Christopher and I met some time ago and for reasons to do with a now defunked podcast. He has rapidly become one of my favoritest peeps, and a is a rising star author to boot. Adam is a charming mild-mannered kiwi, transplanted to London, who can make me laugh like nobody’s business. It’s well […]

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Author Gail Carriger interviews Author Kate Elliott

Hello, Gentle Reader, today please welcome the truly marvelous Kate Elliott to the blog. Kate has a collection, The Very Best of Kate Elliott, that has recently released that I think is a great way to sample her writing style. (Prepare yourselves if you are in the book group for Kate will be back.) If […]

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Gail Carriger Interviews Elizabeth Bear about Karen Memory

Today, Gentle Reader, we are talking to  Elizabeth Bear about her steampunk novel Karen Memory. Without further ado… About you, the Author! Elizabeth Bear Tea or coffee and how do you take it? Yes! I like coffee in nearly all of its forms, except anything that might be adequately described by the word “Joe.” I […]

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Guest Interview with Myke Cole

Today, Gentle Reader, please join me in welcoming the most wonderful Myke Cole to the blog for one of my silly interviews. He has a new book out in his military fantasy series, Gemini Cell. (You do NOT have to have read the other 3 in this world, despite what Amazon says this is a […]

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7 Answers From Gail’s Goodreads AMA ~ The Occasional FAQ

I had an AMA recently over on Goodreads and here are the eight most frequent questions that I got. I thought I’d give them to you as well, just in case you also wanted to know… Will there be another Parasol Protectorate book? The Parasol Protectorate series ends with Timeless. I have no plans to […]

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Interview with Liva Day (AKA Tansy Rayner Roberts)

Today, Gentle Reader, I am branching out of my comfort zone and have invited a real live Mystery Author over for a spot of virtual tea-time conversation. I thought maybe you’d like something different from my normal run of steampunk piffle. That said there is FOOD involved, so this isn’t too far outside my comfort […]

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Gail Carriger Interviews steampunk author Dru Pagliassotti

Dru Pagliassotti, the author of Clockwork Heart, kindly dropped by for an interview today. Clockwork Heart, is followed byClockwork Lies and Clockwork Secrets. So, Gentle Reader, please give a polite gloves clapping welcome to the brilliant … About you Author Dru Pagliassotti! Tea or coffee and how do you take it? Just between you and […]

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Gail Carriger interviews Rachel Bach about Fortune’s Pawn

Rachel Bach is author of our book group’s first read along, Fortune’s Pawn. She has been kind enough to stop by the blog today and submit herself to my very silly questions. Please feel free to ask her something yourself as well.  I will attempt to ensure the question gets to her…   About you, […]

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Gail Interviews the Infamous Mur Lafferty

Today, Gentle Reader, I welcome the brilliant Mur to my blog for a visit. Mur and I are old chums, she gave me one of my first interviews on her popular podcast, I Should Be Writing. I’m still a devout listener and heard recently she has a new book out so I invited her round […]

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