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Gail Interviews the Infamous Mur Lafferty

Today, Gentle Reader, I welcome the brilliant Mur to my blog for a visit. Mur and I are old chums, she gave me one of my first interviews on her popular podcast, I Should Be Writing. I’m still a devout listener and heard recently she has a new book out so I invited her round […]

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In Which Gail Interviews Steven Harper

As you know, Gentle Reader, occasionally my bog is hijacked by . . . Other Authors! Today please welcome Steven Harper, author of steampunk The Clockwork Empire series. We shall serve him tea, even though he takes it without milk, and ask him silly questions. About Steven Harper, the Author! Tea or coffee and how […]

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Interview Round Up

I’ve been doing a number of interviews recently, Gentle Reader. Or better said, I did a bunch a few months ago, they mainly dropped around the release of Etiquette & Espionage, and now I’m finally getting around to telling you about them. Apologizes all around, the time seems to be getting away from me all […]

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Gail Carriger Interviews Lev AC Rosen About Steampunk

Today, Gentle Reader, I have an interview with the lovely Lev. His book, All Men Of Genius, is a kind of Twelfth Night meets steampunk meets Oscar Wilde. Cross dressing, ho! He and I also went to the same undergraduate university. Odd, I know. About you, the Author Lev AC Rosen Tea or coffee and […]

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In Which Gail Interviews John Anealio

Today, Gentle Reader, this blog has been hijacked by that most alien of creatures . . . a musician! *gasp* I can hear the sputtering of tea all around the globe. I know, but musicians happen sometimes. Even to authors. I adore John’s stuff, most particularly his George R.R. Martin Is Not Your Bitch song, […]

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In Which Gail Interviews the Lovely Morgan Keyes

Today, Gentle Reader, one of my occasional series of interviews with other authors (gasp!) Please kindly welcome Morgan Keyes to the Parasol Protectorate arena. I asked her to stop by because her upcoming book looks like so much fun, as was exactly the kind of novel I would have devoured as a child, or, indeed […]

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Confession Time from Gail Carriger

Just because I feel like being terribly droll here is a list of silly confessions . . . Weird Gail Carriger Confessions I like adverbs and I think they are much maligned in the popular press. I talk to animals as if they understand. To the robin, “My, aren’t you handsome?” To the cat, “You […]

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In Which A grave Decision is Taken

I am having near endless problems with LJ. To the point where, Gentle Reader, I’d rather not blog at all, it is so very vexing to work with LJ + Lion + Firefox. Also, right now, I am in a Finishing School editing crunch and moving between computers plus a big trip on the horizon. […]

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