Meat Cute Special Extras

Meat Cute AKA the Hedgehog Incident is now available in all formats! If you’re not seeing the platform you want, it should be getting there soon. Released in print: October 2019 as part of Fan Service Release in audio: December 2019 directly. Released in digital: Feb 16, 2020 This is the story of how Alexia […]

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Meat Cute Cover Art Reveal & Digital Preorder

Gentle Reader, here is the digital & audio cover for Meat Cute: The Hedgehog Incident… Preorder at your vendor of choice! or directly from me or Amazon (kindle etc) or other eReaders (nook etc) What are Preorders, and Why Do They Matter? And now… THE COVER ART! Is that our original Alexia model on the […]

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Where’s the print edition? The Mess Behind Self-Publishing

The moment I list a new book, Gentle Reader I get hundreds of people asking… I really appreciate your enthusiasm! First off currently most vendors do not allow independent authors to list print books for preorder. At all. So you will only be able to get it after it releases. Here’s a TOC because this is […]

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My What a Lovely Herbaceous Border: Victorian Term Explained

Gentle Reader, I present to you, this week’s weird Victorian term explained: herbaceous border This style of gardening, begun well before the Victorian Era, remains a hallmark of the English landscape to this day: shorter plants to the font, and taller ones to the back, arranged closely together. Despite its name, herbs do not necessarily […]

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Dear Lord Akeldama: Hedgehogs, Toothpaste & Oscar Wilde

The good vampire is here for you! Lady Star asks: Would you have any intelligence on the Hedgehog incident, the when, and what happened? Hedgehog incident, what hedgehog incident? How can I not know of such a thing. Boys! Where are my boys? Terry Asks: What is your favourite toothpaste or powder? The originator of […]

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How to Throw Your Own Parasol Protectorate High Tea

Today, Gentle Reader I have a template for you to throw a Parsol Protectorate High Tea, basted on the first one I ever threw myself! Invitation You are cordially invited to a Parasol Protectorate High Tea. There can be no more delightful way to enjoy the last of summer than with delicious nibbles and a […]

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