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Gail Carriger Recommends K-Dramas

I’ve been watching too many Asian dramas recently, Gentle Reader. I thought I might suck you into my madness, so here are some reviews and suggestions for (mostly) K-dramas (Korean dramas) that might appeal you specifically, my dear reader. One of the things Korea has been doing consistently for years now is produce long running […]

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Readathon Report & Reviews – I Get Into It About YA Epics

Dearest Gentle Reader, So recently it was Dewey’s Readaton, I’ve done it before. I always try for the April one (as opposed to October) because I tend to be home and it’s around my birthday. No I won’t tell you my birthday. Yes the wikipedia entry is wrong. I intentionally disseminated misinformation early on in […]

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BL Dramas THE LIST – What to watch? PART II

This is the second part of a two part series on BL Dramas through the lens of an American genre author. Some of the terms used in this post are a continuation of the discussion presented in the first installment, PART I: BL Dramas Discussed & Analyzed from a Writer Perspective As such I recommend […]

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BL Dramas Analyzed from a Writer’s Perspective: PART I

Gentle Reader, I have a lot to say on the subject of BL dramas. Honestly, I’m not sure if anyone out there is interested, but since I got sick (July 2020) I’ve watched way too many. I decided I needed an accounting. I love many of them, but I am also troubled by them, and […]

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Black Authors Writing Queer Comfort

One of my reading wheelhouses, Gentle Reader, is queer comfort. These are books, mostly romances, featuring queer characters where trials might happen but things all turn out okay in the end. One of the reasons I like these books is because I see them as writing into existence the future we all want. I struggle […]

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30 Days of Queer Reads for #ReadingPride

I like to participate in lots of book sharing memes on Instagram, Gentle Reader. Since June is Pride Month, I decided to make my own to celebrate #ReadingPride. Please feel free to gank this image and share as widely as you like, also to photograph or just Tweet/Post each day any queer reads you feel […]

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Lady Knight Books (Miss Carriger Recommends)

Dear Gentle Reader, Can I talk to you about books featuring lady knights? Reading Glasses Podcast has this thing the call “Your Reading Wheelhouse.” One of mine is lady knights. I absolutely LOVE a book about a lady knight. A little while ago I did this tweet… My Favorite Lady Knight Books Taming the Forest […]

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