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Gail Talks About Travel ~ So Many Tricks & Tips On Her Podcast 20 Minute Delay

Posted by Gail Carriger

So for those of you who missed it, I’ve started a podcast with my author friend Piper J Drake!

It’s called 20 Minute Delay and in it Piper and I give away all our secrets on travel hacking.

We cover everything from how to pack, to how to tip, to how to get yourself into the concierge suite of a hotel. We talk about the kind of things that you’d find useful whether you travel for business or pleasure, with a family or alone. Of course there is quite a bit about conventions and conferences, because we are both authors.

Find the Podcast on…




Want to know more?

Here are a few episodes to tempt you…

  1. Hellmouth Airports: We hypothesize that everyone has a hellmouth airport that wants to KEEP YOU FOREVER. What’s yours?
  2. Travel Whammies: We reveal the worst things that ever happened to us on the road and how to avoid them in future.
  3. The Burrito Protocol: What to bring to eat on the go? Why and how to transport it.
  4. Backpack Sasquatch: In which I get mad about people who travel with backpacks and Piper defends them.
  5. Travel Kits and Proper Packing: A deep dive into really, truly, the best way to pack. In this one we agree!
  6. Self Care and Bath Bombs: How we make sure not to get stress out and sick while travelling.
  7. Hotel Room Optimization: Need help getting the most out of your hotel room? We reveal some serious secrets in this one.

Do you want more behind the scenes info? Fun stuff goes to my Chirrup members first, because I love them bestest. Sign up here.

Coop de Book: Gail’s monthly read along for January 2017 is Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh.


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Romancing the Werewolf ~ A Supernatural Society Novella by Gail Carriger is now available (audio will follow).

Gay reunion romance featuring your favorite reluctant werewolf dandy, the return of a certain quietly efficient Beta, and some unexpected holiday gifts.



Your Moment of Parasol . . .

1910 Frederick Frieseke (1874-1939) The Garden Path

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

Your Tisane of Smart . . .

Jasmine tea’s many secrets

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .  

Harpers Bazaar New York Sat June 13 1891 Poet at a Party

Book News:

The Lesbian Review says of Romancing the Inventor:

“This is a fantastic and quick read. Fans of Carriger’s will be well-served in picking up this novel, and those who aren’t familiar with her work will find it a great way of introducing themselves to her steampunk universe. I was sold at the name Genevieve Lefoux, and I suspect many others will be also. It’s a wonderful story with two characters who are more than a match for each other. The combination is electric and sure to please.”

Quote of the Day:

“If you are cold, tea will warm you. If you are too heated, it will cool you. If you are depressed, it will cheer you. If you are excited, it will calm you.”

~ Gladstone, 1865

Questions about Gail’s Parasolverse? There’s a wiki for that!

Romancing the Inventor is an Audiobook!

Posted by Gail Carriger

I’m not going to bury the lead, darlings, because that is so not my style. Here, in all its glory is the link to buy Romancing the Inventor in audiobook form on Audible! (Also on iTunes.)

Concerning Audiobooks, Tea, & Mild Peril

Well my darling Gentle Reader, after scanning a bunch of articles (mostly useless) and poking some of my audiophile friends (mostly not used to my approach) I took a deep breath and ever-so-cautiously tried ACX. Imagine Gail clutching her new audiobook baby, trembling to her heaving (but well-supported) bosom. Teetering on the edge of the abyss in her 6″ stilettos.

Drama much?

Have I mentioned recently how much I suck at new technology? Well I do. It frightens me.

ACX, incidentally, is the (supposedly) easiest way to publish to audible and iTunes. And yeah, it’s yet another thing that belongs to Amazon. (Incidentally, I now have like 7 Amazon accounts, because god forbid publication occur all under one log in, but… I digress.)

It’s a process because there are a lot of files, so I had to get those from Bryan (my producer extraordinaire) and my internet has been hella whack recently. (Yeah, I said hella whack, I’m a norcal girl, sue me.) So that took, like, days. Then I had to upload them one by one to ACX, which took hours. And do I put in Chapter titles? This is always the questions. I decided yes because I am stupid-proud of my dumb pun chapter titles. And then we realized we needed other stuff, like credits, and then Em’s voice was shot due to a cold, and so forth…

But, it’s there now!

Why Romancing the Inventor first and not Poison or Protect?

Because I found Emma (my narrator) first, she was available immediately, and we decided she was much better suited to Imogene than to Preshea. Frankly, I’m going to see how this one sells. If I manage to recoup my expenditure, I will put another audiobook into production.

Why can’t I get it in Mazzoooka, on my Diddlewhap Player, on a CD/cassette tape/wax cylinder?

Because I can only get it out to the places ACX covers. Because I can only get it to the players that ACX supports. Because you need to give over obsolete tech. I know. It’s hard. Deep breath, let it go.

Why the weird price?

So far as I could figure out, Amazon DOES NOT LET YOU set the price. Not in the current UI. I know, I thought it was weird too. Probably something to do with the subscription model.

You wanna know more?

Romancing the Inventor is read by the incomparable Emma Newman. Emma is a killer narrator with a beautiful soft-and-proper British accent, a fantastic author, and a wonderful human being. Her voice is lovely and she was particularly good about both the lower class and the french accents in Romancing the Inventor which were important to me. We had a consult about pronunciation, so all names & Parasolverse words in the book are pronounced how I would pronounce them. If you don’t like it, blame me, not Emma.

Photo by Lou Abercrombie

Emma Newman writes dark short stories and science fiction and urban fantasy novels. She won the British Fantasy Society Best Short Story Award 2015 and ‘Between Two Thorns’, the first book in Emma’s Split Worlds urban fantasy series, was shortlisted for the BFS Best Novel and Best Newcomer 2014 awards. Her first science-fiction novel, Planetfall, was published by Roc in 2015. Emma is an audiobook narrator and also co-writes and hosts the Hugo-nominated, Alfie Award winning podcast ‘Tea and Jeopardy’ which involves tea, cake, mild peril and singing chickens. Her hobbies include dressmaking and playing RPGs. She blogs at www.enewman.co.uk and can be found as @emapocalyptic on Twitter.

Readers of my books may particularly enjoy her Split Words series, the first of which is Between Two Thorns.

Beautiful and nuanced as it is dangerous, the manners of Regency and Victorian England blend into a scintillating fusion of urban fantasy and court intrigue.

Emma also runs the Tea & Jeopardy podcast with her husband. It was through this podcast that I found her voice. I adore it and long time readers of this blog will have heard me talk about it before.

As ever you don’t have to take my word for it. Here is more on Audio Books – Options, Pros, Cons, Dos, and Don’ts

{Gail’s monthly read along for January is A Brother’s Price by Wen Spencer.}


  • Secret Project SAS ~ Novel
    Status: Developmental edit (third draft).
    Contemporary m/m paranormal romance between a snarky mage and a gruff werewolf. Hella raunchy. Super dirty. Very very fun. Spin off of Marine Biology.
  • Romancing the Werewolf ~ A Supernatural Society Novella
    Status: Rough Draft Complete. On Lay Away.
    LBGTQ reunion romance featuring your favorite reluctant werewolf dandy, the return of a certain quietly efficient Beta, and some very unexpected gifts.
  • Competence (working title) ~ Custard Protocol Book 3
    Status: Outline
    Third in the Custard Protocol series featuring Primrose, Rue, and all their crazy friends.


Romancing the Inventor

Romancing the Inventor: A Supernatural Society Novella

A steampunk lesbian romance featuring a maid bent on seducing a brilliant cross-dressing scientist who’s too brokenhearted to notice. Or is she?


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

Departure Platform, Victoria Station (c. 1880), by James Tissot. (Photo- Wikiart.org)

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

Home Decor Gifts for Booklovers

Your Tisane of Smart . . .

What It Takes to Open a Bookstore

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .  

Ask Me Another podcast featuring Literary Favorites

Book News:

chaseau- -] Yeah… Looks much better scanned -D Soulless fan art.

Quote of the Day:

“Never trust anyone who thinks they can weaponize crumpets.”
~ Steampunk Worlds Fair

Questions about Gail’s steampunk world? There’s a wiki for that!
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Helpful Podcasts for Writers ~ NaNoWriMo Tip Sheet (Important for Writers)

Posted by Gail Carriger

November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) around the interwebs, Gentle Reader. I don’t participate myself. Let’s be perfectly honest ~ it’s a dumb month to pick. Always has been. For me it’s particularly inappropriate as I’ve spent the first half of November, for years, on book tour for a Finishing School book. And this year I go to Singapore.

Gail Carriger on NaNoWriMo

That said, it doesn’t mean I’m not supportive of the Great NaNo. I don’t often post “how to write blogs” or the like. I think there are plenty of other authors out there who do it better than I ever could (waves at Chuck, Rachel, Kameron). In fact, I consider myself best at being an enabler. Find me at a convention and I’m one of those:

There’s a fun thing, let go do that! Food, yeah food, eat the food. And we’re walking. Party, bar, that way! And we’re drinking.

As opposed to actually organizing the thing, food, walk, or party in the first place.

But in order to be both supportive and enabling, over the course of this month, you will see a few blog posts from me that I hope will be helpful if you are participating in NaNoWriMo, or even if you just like to write and wish to perhaps publish some day.

Without further ado, Gentle Writer, here is my…

List of Top 8 Podcasts Every Author Should be Listening To…

  1. I Should Be Writing ~ Best for: emotional sympathy, writer struggles, general hand holding.
  2. Beyond the Trope ~ Best for: craft and passion. Focuses on “the deep, artistic depths of fiction” with a casual style and general inclination to geek out.
  3. The Creative Penn ~  Best for: self-publishing, book marketing, and creative entrepreneurship. Good at interviewing and sticking to topics. Pick what you want based on the episode title.
  4. Ditch Diggers (via The Murverse Annex) ~ Professional authors get brutally honest about being both professional and an author. There may be a few rants from yours truly.
  5. Internet Business Mastery ~ Best for: tips on general social media marketing and brand interaction. Not specifically for authors, which is why it is interesting as many of the core premises are still useful. But you will have to learn to ignore the dumb business lingo and constant coach marketing. If you can’t take either (and boy do I understand that) but want something with this outsider perspective try Smart Passive Income or The Social Media Examiner Show (BONUS very short episodes) instead.
  6. Rocking Self Publishing ~ Best for: self-publishing, book marketing, and creative entrepreneurship. Similar to Penn quality entirely depends on the strength of the interview. They focus on a single subject for the interview, but they tend to drift more.
  7. Writing Excuses ~ Quick pithy tips from four luminaries in SF/F. If you are a beginning author and aren’t already listening to this, you’re hopeless.
  8. The Roundtable Podcast ~ 20 min author interviews focused on craft, then a work-shopping interview in which a professional author talks craft specific to a pitched project.

“It is better to write a bad first draft than to write no first draft at all.”
~ Will Shetterly

The caveat: as with all things, these recommendations are aligned with my taste as reader, listener, and writer. As such, they tend to favor the SF/F genre, female authors, and friendly attitudes. This may not be what you’re looking for but it’s what I like. This is, after all, my little corner of the internet. MINE! Wha ha ha ha.

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.”
~ Jack London

I’ve left comments open but your recommendations are likely better spent on NaNoWriMo forums and if you’re spammy or snarky that sucker will get the snip snip snip. Here in Gail’s little world we play nice and polite or not at all. Etiquette must be observed!

“Use your imagination. Trust me, your lives are not interesting. Don’t write them down.”
~ W. B. Kinsella

You don’t have to take my word for it: 15 Inspiring Writing Podcasts to Subscribe to Right Now


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

Portrait of Ava Gardner, 1960’s via fawnvelveteen tumblr

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

Alexia character cookie

Your Tisane of Smart . . .
The Indonesian Mimic Octopus

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .  
Kubler-Ross Model of Grief Associated with Editing and Rewriting

Book News:
BookNut101 of 21st Century Once Upon a Times blog says of Manners & Mutiny: “Did it meet my expectations? Uh yes. Yes, it did indeed! In fact, I will go so far as to say that it exceeded my expectations – it pulled all the elements of the series together and was both entertaining and informative. I was never left feeling like the author was racing to the finish line. Rather, I felt that every chapter and every scene was calculated.”

Quote of the Day:
“Pointed dialogues about yesterday’s eggs and the toughness of Saturday’s meat are conducted fortissimo between cheerful youths in the road and satirical young women in print dresses, who come out of their kitchen doors on to little balconies.”
~ P. G. Wodehouse, The Man with Two Left Feet And Other Stories

San Francisco! Come See Me Dork Out Plus Bonus Stand Up

Posted by Gail Carriger


This Wednesday, Gentle Reader, I’ll be in San Francisco at Doc’s Comedy Club doing a live Dork Forest Podcast with Jackie Kashian. After that… stand up! (Not me, other people. People actually really good at stand up.)

I. Am. So. Excited.

So look, you see, stand up comics (and particularly stand up comics who do podcasts) are kinda my heroes. They are most likely, these days, to make me commit a fangirl squee. I know, I know, I still love authors, but frankly I’m living among them now so they have lost thier mystique. I am delighted that out there, reading this, are people who get excited when they have the option of meeting me in person. Well, Jackie is to me as I am, occasionally, to my readers. I adore Dork Forest. It’s a favorite podcast of mine and I think Jackie is hilarious. I admire stand up comics hugely. It is a skill I entirely lack and, as you may know from my books, comedy is very important to me. I think making someone laugh is absolutely the most noble and admirable quality possessed by mankind.

Yes, I’m serious about that. I know I know. But I’ll be funny again in a moment.

All I’m trying to say is that this is such an honor and even if you know me and have seen me live before, this will be very different. Jackie is a fearless interviewer and I gave her a list of Dorks that include things I have never ever talked about on a stage before. You won’t want to miss the comedy either. Her stand-up is geeky and awesome and wonderful. She has the kind of energy and attitude that I imagine characterize Rue. (Which I didn’t realize that until I started typing the sentence.)

So yeah, yay! Buy tickets online or at the door.

{Gail’s monthly read along for October is Jinn and Juice by Nicole Peeler}


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

Ladies’ Companion Friday, May 1, 1857 Item ID-  v. 39, plate 10

Your Infusion of Cute . . .
Octopuses You Can’t Even Believe Are Real

Your Tisane of Smart . . .
This “Helicopter” Made Out of a Garden Chair, Parasol, and Some Drones is What Makes Britain Great

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .  
What are the Most Popular Title Trends in Your Genre


  • Manners & Mutiny ~ The Finishing School Book the Last. Releases Nov. 3, 2015. Available for pre-order! In production.
  • Imprudence ~ Custard Protocol Book the Second. Draft 2, and I’m meant to be cutting things but it keeps on growing.

Gail Carriger’s Books! 

 The Finishing School Series (1850s ~ completed)
1 Etiquette & Espionage, 2 Curtsies & Conspiracies,
3 Waistcoats & Weaponry, 4 Manners & Mutiny


The Parasol Protectorate Series (1870s ~ completed)
1 Soulless, 2 Changeless, 3 Blameless, 4 Heartless, 5 Timeless

 The Custard Protocol Series (1890s ~ ongoing)
1 Prudence, 2 Imprudence (forthcoming)

Parasol Protectorate Series manga graphic novels (1870s)
 $0.99 short stories (ebook only)
Marine Biology; My Sister’s Song; Fairy Debt;

Book News:

Meanwhile… on Tumblr

Quote of the Day:
“He was at his worst when he rollicked.”
~ P. G. Wodehouse, The Man with Two Left Feet And Other Stories

Gail’s fashion blog ~ Retro Rack.
The best place to talk all things Parasol Protectorate is on its
Facebook Group.

7 Things Helping Gail Survive This Edit Pass (Important for Writers)

Posted by Gail Carriger


Ah Gentle Reader, looking at the following list I realized it’s all podcasts, food, and exercise. Addition meets passion meets necessity ~ my life in a nutshell.

  • Tea & Jeopardy Podcast ~ It’s such a fun podcast, I’ve been basically mainlining all the back eps. I suggest starting with the first episode and working your way through, because there is a baby of story arc from one to the next relating to the jeopardy part.
  • Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Krispie Treats ~ OK, they aren’t that great, but I coat them in powdered cinnamon and they are much better, especially with a big mug of tea.
  • Forrest Yoga ~ I’ve just started a weekly class, this technique is new to me, but so far I’m enjoying it.
  • Galactic Suburbia‘s Hugo wrap episode ~ I love these ladies. It’s fun to get an Australian feminist perspective from women with a range of professional relationships to fandom. I make a brief (if inaccurate) appearance in this particular episode, but I was more taken with hearing about how different their experience of this convention was from my own. It was if we attended entirely different events.
  • Heirloom tomatoes ~ We here in California are DESPERATE for rain, but one of the results of all this heat is that tomato and avocado season seems to be going forever this year. Two of my favorite things in the world, nom nom.
  • After the Jump ~ This podcast isn’t SF/F, it isn’t comedy, and it isn’t something you would ordinarily associate with me. BUT I think every single woman who runs her own business, particularly if it is art related, should be listening to it. No. Really.
  • My new steppy steppy ~ So I bought this Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper for various reasons, most of which I’ll get into over on Retro Rack. Suffice it to say here that I’m genuinely lazy about exercise, frankly I just hate it. I know I should get over that but I go for work arounds. In the past I’ve found that a treadmill works well for me, because I just turn on the TV and walk (and for physical reasons it has to be low impact). But our apartment is tiny (like NYC tiny), in an old Victorian 3 stories up, so no possibel treadmill (not even the folding ones). This steppy steppy is the perfect solution. So far, I’m loving it. In fact, I am on it right now.



{What is Gail’s Book Group reading for September? Children of the Night by Mercedes Lackey}


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

1850s  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

weirdvintage-tumblr These Tekonsha, Michigan farm boys presumably raided
their mothers’ and sisters’ closets for this portrait, c. 1870s (via)

Your Tisane of Smart . . .
The peephole parasol and the anti-garotting cravat … gadgets that never caught on

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .  
This Flowchart Explains The Severity of Different Types of Plagiarism

Book News:
I have had a major revelation about the very end of the Finishing School series which is likely to result some fun side character short stories in the distant future, and perhaps even a spin off novel or two. Notes, outlines, thoughts, distractions, excitement!

Quote of the Day:

“He felt like a man who, chasing rainbows, has had one of them suddenly turn and bite him in the leg.”

~ P.G. Wodehouse

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Podcasts That Gail Loves (Miss Carriger Recommends)

Posted by Gail Carriger


Lately, as it becomes more widely known what an addict I am, I am frequently asked about which podcasts I enjoy. I listen to A LOT, Gentle Reader. However, I don’t think you really care about all of them, do you?

Here is a pretty comprehensive list of some of my favorites as of April 2014. (Podcasts are always pod fading and then I need to find new ones, so there is a constant stream of me trying something out, but these are the old work horses.)
Writing Related
I Should Be Writing
The Shared Desk
Writing Excuses

Human Interest
The Moth
All in the Mind
Savage Love

Academic & Educational
Freakonomics Radio
Money Girl (Q&DT)
Planet Money
The Nutrition Diva (Q&DT)

Brass Needles
The Functional Nerds
SF Signal
Your Book is Why Daddy Drinks

Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4
Judge John Hodgeman
The Smartest Man in the World
Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo’s Film Reviews
Geologic Podcast
International Waters

Most Missed
Survivor Guide
Stephen Fry’s Podgrams
Polyschizmatic Reprobates Hour
Memories of the Futurecast
Shortcomings Audio
The Perfect Ten
Radio Free Burrito
The Bugle

When do I find the time to listen?
I listen when I am driving or biking, doing any kind of household task, cooking, and so forth. If I am alone and not writing I’m probably listening to a podcast. I love to get two things done at once, I feel so efficient. Podcasts are a low entry way for me to do this. I rarely watch television, so that figures into all calculations. I’m pretty cruel about it and if the subject doesn’t interest me I just delete that episode. As a result, I don’t listen to every cast of every pod.


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

‘Crisp Packet’ Clutch from Luisa via Roma

Your Tisane of Smart . . .

Bathtub meets sink.

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .  
SFF Interview Swap: Elizabeth Moon interviews Rachel Bach

Book News:

 Lalex (@LalexAndrea) Illustrated vSophronia with Bumbersnoot!

Quote of the Day:
How doth the little Bumbersnoot
Chew gayly on his coal
And sit beneath the petticoats
Through which he burns a hole.
~ Andrew Knighton (@gibbondemon) on Twitter

Gail Interviews Pip & Tee and Waxes Poetical About Podcasting

Posted by Gail Carriger


A long time ago before I was an author-beast, when I trudged the globe in pursuit of tiny fragments of pottery, I listened to even more podcasts than I do now. It’s a surreal thing to sit atop a mountain in Peru looking at mini Inca offering jars while listening to a Kiwi in one ear. (Even weirder when that Kiwi later ends up portraying a character based on you in a piece of sci-fi horror.)

One of my favorite podcasts was Tee Morris’ The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy (now long defunked). I also listened to Philippa Ballantine’s Erotica a la Carte (which seems to have faded away into the mists of sounds and time as well). Those of us who have been devoted to podcasting since the very beginning know the names of the first titans: Scott Sigler, Tee Morris, Pip Ballantine, Mur Lafferty, Steve Eley, Dan Sawyer and more ~ enough to fill a tarot deck. Oh there are young gods now, the Zeus that is Welcome to Nightvale, not to mention his comedian cup bearers with millions of listeners. Be we remember the titans.

Tee & Pip at the Souless Booklaunch party, WOrld Fantasy 2009

If you turned over the Tarot cards of podcasting Pip & Tee would be The Lovers. Forged into a long distance union, not to be separated by seas and continents, they podcast first as fictional voices, then married, then coauthored a steampunk series, and now, perhaps most important to those of us who waited, bated breath, for the non-fictional Tee-of-extremes to return to our sad survivor-less ears, they podcast together once more. (See The Shared Desk.)

I’m lucky enough to have meet then both several times throughout the course of this great drama. Often I wish my life were as exciting and romantic as theirs. And hilarious. Throughout the course of our interactions whether via iPod, internet, book, or in person they have never led me astray ~ although they have, occasionally, led me to drink. They have a new book, Dawn’s Early Light, the third in their Steampunk Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series on shelves right now. So I invited them by for the silly interview dejour. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into their madness as much as I do.


Tee Morris and  Pip Ballantine are the mad minds behind the steampunk romp that is The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series. Their first title in the series, Phoenix Rising, won the 2011 Airship Award for Best in Steampunk Literature, while both Phoenix Rising and The Janus Affair were finalists in Goodreads Best in Science Fiction of 2011 and 2012. In 2013 Tee and Pip released Ministry Protocol, an original anthology of short stories set in the Ministry universe. Now in 2014, following a Parsec win for their companion podcast, Tales from the Archives, Tee and Pip celebrate the arrival of their third book, Dawn’s Early Light. Pip and Tee are often thought as one person — Pippin Teah — but their appearances debunk that. They enjoy their family time with their daughter watching Cosmos and Marvel Studios offerings, tea times at the Madison Tea Room, and shopping for shoes, corsets, and steampunk gadgetry from Brute Force Studios.


 About you, the Authors!

GAIL: Tea or coffee and how do you take it?
PIP: I prefer a lovely Darjeeling. The setting should involve a scone with proper clotted cream and lemon curd.
TEE: When I’m in a tea mood, I enjoy a Prince of Wales which is a blend of China black. I also prefer it with scones (heated) and clotted cream, but I prefer raspberry jam. We have a place here in Warrenton called the Madison Tea Room we will take you to sometime. As far as my coffee, I like it very creamy with slight chocolate overtones.

Art deco-style Form tea set by Tom Dixon

GAIL: Describe your personal style for author appearances.
PIP: When it comes to author appearances, it depends on the venue. This week we will be in Richmond for The Writer Show and we have been requested to wear our steampunk best, so we shall. A good corset is a beautiful thing. Even for Tee who looks quite stunning in his. When we attend conferences and signings, we try to look our best in professional wear.
TEE: There’s a lot to be said for pressed slacks and a nice button up shirt. At cons, we do go casual, but that is primarily on account of the go-go-go nature of conventions. Pip’s got a talk coming up in April with the Library of Congress. I’m thinking Pip will be doing the jacket and sharp blouse pro look for that. I went with office formal for that talk when I was there.


GAIL: If I were to observe the writer beast in its native environment, what surprising thing might I see? What does the environment look like?
TEE: I’ve been posting photographs of my environment which could be described as an ADD Circle of Hell between the three monitors, the podcasting gear, and the cats stepping in and out of my sight lines. What you might be surprised by are the collection of books I’ve got surrounding me. Sure, I’ve got steampunk, but I also have movie scripts, graphic novels, historical references, and plenty of books on writing. Then I’ve got the inspirational texts, ranging from Shakespeare to the writings of Einstein, Hawking, and Tesla.
PIP: And now we’re watching COSMOS so Tee needs to add that to the library. I think if you were to be surprised by me in my writing environment, it would be the documentaries I tend to have playing when I’m either researching or writing. I feed on documentaries. The odder, the better.

GAIL: If you were to go fan addlepated over someone, who and what form would the addlepation take?
TEE: I hate to sound trendy, but I think I would do all fanboi over Tom Hiddleston. What pushed me into the black with him wasn’t his work in the Marvel, but in a little short film he did for his production of Coriolanus. He was preparing for the role, physically and mentally, and it took me back to my days in the threatre. Tom Hiddleston just comes across as extremely genuine and I dig that about actors who hit it big with the geeks. He “gets it” when it come to that popularity, but it was that connection with Shakespeare that tipped me over the edge. If I were to have the opportunity, I would want to talk Shakespeare with him. The dream: just kicking back and performing scenes off the top of the head. That is, if I weren’t slobbering allover him while basking in his awesome.
PIP: Two words — Idris Elba. He is a fine looking man with a commanding presence on screen, but in the casual photos and behind the scenes, he looks like a good bloke. I would probably be dumbstruck by him if we ever met. It would be like that moment when Kate Middleton met him. I would be thinking “OMG, I’m shaking the hand of John Luther and Stacker Pentacost, and you’re so crash hot Please, Luther, don’t — let — go.” A restraining order from the Elba estate may ensue.

GAIL: No deviating: vanilla or chocolate ice cream on a plain or a sugar cone? (Gail will use this to determine your level of sanity.)
PIP: Chocolate on a sugar cone. (I gave up chocolate for Lent. What was I thinking?!)
TEE: Vanilla on a sugar cone. Vanilla and sugar, when balanced right, is a thing of beauty.
GAIL: Pip is pronounced perfectly sane, Tee slightly bonkers.

GAIL: What’s most likely to make you laugh?
PIP: The antics of cats, or my daughter, or both.
TEE: Silly things writers do on the Internet. I mean, they know we can hear them, right?

GAIL: Since writers inevitably end up in the bar, what’s your poison?
PIP: Vodka. Chilled. The best I’ve had was in New York at the Firebird Restaurant where they made their own infused vodka. Most delightful.
TEE: Scotch, single malt, preferably 12 years or older. My favorite is the Highland Park 12 or the Balvennine Doublewood from the Sherry Cask.


Dawn’s Early Light It’s airships, hypersteams, and motorcars in this cross-country adventure in a race against time, mad science, and automatons. After being ignominiously shipped out of England following their participation in the Janus affair, Braun and Books are ready to prove their worth as agents. But what starts as a simple mission in the States—intended to keep them out of trouble—suddenly turns into a scandalous and convoluted case that has connections reaching as far as Her Majesty the Queen.

Even with the help of two American agents from the Office of the Supernatural and the Metaphysical, Braun and Books have their work cut out for them as their chief suspect in a rash of nautical and aerial disasters is none other than Thomas Edison. Between the fantastic electric machines of Edison, the eccentricities of MoPO consultant Nikola Tesla, and the mysterious machinations of a new threat known only as the Maestro, they may find themselves in far worse danger than they ever have been in before…

About your book!

GAIL: What should readers eat while consuming your novel?
PIP: As it is set in America, I think there should be sweet pies like lemon meringue or pecan pie. These are uniquely American to me.
TEE: I think a cookout would be in order. Hamburger and hot dogs. And beer. American-crafted beer. And as this is steampunk, it’s got to be slightly off-kilter, so Dogfish Head Beer…which I gave up for Lent. (DAMMIT!)

GAIL: What form does evil take within its pages?
TEE: Evil scientists. Death rays. And automatons. Let the party begin!!!

GAIL: Which one of your characters would you most want to kiss and why?
PIP: I think I’m partial to Wellington. Let’s face it — it’s always the quiet ones that are the most exciting. (Granted, this means it’s a strange thing that I married Tee, but maybe he was an exception to the rule.)

GAIL: What’s your favorite period in history and does it influence your world building?
TEE: When you look at our writing, you see a lot of historic influences, even when you go back to our earlier works. I think it is less of a period that influences us and history on a whole. The stories of the past are almost too unbelievable to be true; but history is history and fact is fact. For example, we just found out on Cosmos that the Royal Society almost didn’t publish Newton’s groundbreaking theories on physics and mathematics on account of disappoint sales over their comprehensive history of fish. You can’t write up wackiness like this! History rocks our world!!!

GAIL: Which one of your characters would you most like to slap and why?
PIP: There were several times I really wanted to slap Felicity Lovelace. She could turn on “the bitch” when she wanted to, and her manipulation bothered me to no end. Then again, Eliza was due for a slapping or two as she needed to open her eyes with Wellington.
The difference between the two slaps — I could walk away from slapping Felicity. Eliza? I don’t know so much about that.

GAIL: Without spoilers, what’s the funnest (or funniest) part of the book?
PIP: Speaking of the two of them, the relationship between Eliza and Felicity was always a delight for me to write. They made me laugh and laugh often.
TEE: I think it was what unfolded in the Arizona Territories. From shootouts to talking about feelings, my face hurt from the amount of smiling.

GAIL: If your story smelled of something, what would that be?
PIP: The sharp tang of electricity. I mean, Edison and Tesla? Come on.
TEE: The sea, as we go from sea to shining sea in this adventure.

Dawn’s Early Light and the two prior Ministry books are available wherever fine books are sold. The Qwillery, one of my favorite review sources, has much to say about this new book from Pip & Tee. If you are still in doubts about it, I suggest you read the review.

April 2nd, I’ll be hopping on to play at Pip & Tee’s Facebook event party.


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

From the 2009 Launch Party

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

Cat vrs. Octopu, via the Twitter

Your Tisane of Smart . . .

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .  


Waistcoats & Weaponry ~ The Finishing School Book the Third. November 4, 2014. Cover art to come.
Manners & Mutiny ~ The Finishing School Book the Last. Finished rough draft, cutting and trimming begins in July.
Prudence ~ Custard Protocol Book the First: Delayed. Why? Rewrite begins soon, release date March 17, 2015.


The Books! 

The Finishing School Series: 1 Etiquette & Espionage, 2 Curtsies & Conspiracies

 The Custard Protocol Series: 1 Prudence (Coming March 17, 2015)


The Parasol Protectorate Series: 1 Soulless, 2 Changeless, 3 Blameless, 4 Heartless, 5 Timeless
Parasol Protectorate Series manga graphic novels
 $0.99 short stories (ebook only) Marine Biology, My Sister’s Song, & Fairy Debt
Audiobook of Crudrat releasing end of April 2014. Find out more at crudrat.com

Book News:
High Aspirations says of C&C, “Carriger weaves the character-arc into the plot so seamlessly that it’s difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins. And even though the action and pacing are reminiscent of classic genre novels, the style and voice bring to mind classic literature in a way that only an expert can manage.”

Quote of the Day:
“I first take a dive into the index, a second dive into the preface, a third dive into the four hundredth page, the fourth dive into the seventieth page, and then seize my pen and do up the whole job in fifteen minutes. I make up my mind to like the book or not to like it, according as I admire or despise the author.”
Around the Tea Table, by T. De Witt Talmage (1875)

Gail Has 24 Valentines Crushes? (Miss Carriger Recommends)

Posted by Gail Carriger


I love the idea, Gentle Reader, of blogging a bit about my other valentines. Of course, there is the AB and Lilliput, but you know how much I love them. (And they do too, I suspect.)

No, instead I want to tell you my other loves ~ 24 of them, to be precise. The ones that brighten my day in less intimate ways, as it were. These are loves I can share with you, Gentle Reader, in hopes that you find one or two loving, yourself. So here we go!

3 Blogger Crushes

  • Grace Bonney ~ the brains behind Design Sponge (also the After the Jump Podcast, which gave me the idea for this blog).
  • The boys of the Lifehacker Travel Tag feed ~ yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s mostly boys, but I love their tips even if they aren’t always exactly travel related.
  • The Airship Ambassador ~ a truly wonderful beautiful warm loving unifying force for the steampunk movement.

3 Author Crushes

  • Jody Hedlund ~ her blog always has something interesting to say about being a writer and how to get on with it. As does Janice Hardy‘s.
  • Myke Cole ~ one of my chronic convention drinking buddies, he did this amazing interview with Mur recently on I Should Be Writing, which reminded me what a bang up decent human he is. Also his tweets are hilarious.
  • Kristine Kathryn Rusch ~ a long running voice for authors in the field, hugely respected as both a writer, journalist, and promoter of writing as a business.


3 Fashion Crushes

  • My swingy black coat from H&M ~ I’ve had her for 4 years now, found second hand, it needed a zipper repaired recently but I wear this coat constantly.
  • OMG That Dress tumblr ~ still my favorite source for vintage clothing images.
  • Couture Carrie blog ~ currently my top pock of fashion blogs that focuses on modern clothing.

3 Food Crushes 

  • Trader Joe’s Frozen Hash Brown Patties ~ I love them with an entirely unhealthy passion.
  • Honey crisp apples ~ only the best little eating apples on the planet, ’tis the season right now, eat them, eat them all!
  • Treader Joe’s Multigrain Pita Chips with Sesame Seeds ~ what can I say, we do most of our grocery shopping at TJs, these are my newest crispy addiction.

3 Household Crushes

  •  Lilliput’s bar stool (similar) ~ scored this puppy at Ross for $40, a raising and lowering stool which, at the highest setting, is higher than our little dining table which means the cat would rather sit on it than on the table, success! She loves this thing, and, in a pinch we can lower it for extra seating when we have company. In an apartment our size everything has to serve double duty. I do feel like a fool buying a stool for my cat, though. Spoiled little bean.
  • Our new toaster ~ this was a big decision and quite the investment but it may be the greatest toaster ever, it’s so fast and so good and so pretty and so small and so tidy.
  • Dipping bowls ~ on a whim I bought 3 of these from Ikea and we used them so much the AB trotted into China Town and bought 4 more. One of the primary uses is to dip French toast into the maple syrup rather than poor it over, saves on cleaning the plate and the amount of syrup used.

3 App Crushes

  • Bejewelled ~ currently addicted, I get that way occasionally. I’ll get suddenly over it in a few weeks and the app will live unused on my phone next to Temple Run.
  • Tumblr ~ it has it’s flaws as a medium but I am happy flipping through pretty pictures over tea and reposting them on a whim. I like it much better than pinterest, instagram, or flikr, I know they aren’t comparable but if I have to pick one, it’s tumblr.
  • Stylebook ~ still the best and only worthy handler for my vast closet, outfit planning, and packing.


3 Business Crushes

  • Syncing statement dates ~ this is a weird one, but I found out recently (probably from Lifehacker) that you can change the dates upon which your credit card and bank statements are issued so that they all sink up and, basically, mirror the month. I took a morning to call them all up and sync them all and now they come in at the same time, beginning of the month, this make little OCD me soo happy.
  • The Amazon self-pub statistics debate ~ Hugh Howey started it, but there’s a good summation of the conversation (mainly troll-free, thank goodness) by Harry J Connolly. I have been riveted by the whole discussion, I have a weird soft spot for stats left over form my social sciences days.
  • Google Calender ~ my new buddy to help with planning and scheduling, so for it’s going well, I anticipate betrayal.

3 Beauty Crushes

  • Eos lip balm ~ specifically I like the sweet mint flavor but I haven’t tried them all. I have a thing about spherically shaped objects, so I may love them for the packaging more than anything.
  • Baking soda facials ~ I make a little paste of baking soda and cold water in the palm of my hand then rub over my face and wash off, twice a week. It exfoliates and bit and leaves my skin feeling really smooth, I just started but so far no adverse reactions or anything
  • CloSYS Alcohol Free Mouthwash ~ I HATE mouthwash, it just makes me gag, this stuff has very little resemblance to what one would ordinarily expect, and I won’t say I love it, but at least I use it.

Special mention goes to…

Any gif showing inter-species affection or a cat beating up a dog/baby. Don’t ask me why, I just find it hilarious. Secretly, I am both more corny and more cruel than you would expect. Or not?


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

Mcgovern Downton screen still

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

Suspended Wooden Pod Cabin Built Around Tree Trunk

Your Tisane of Smart . . .

Moss shower mat via FB

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .  


Curtsies & Conspiracies
~ The Finishing School Book the Second. Out now!  
Soulless Vol. 3 (AKA Blameless the manga) ~ Out now! 

Waistcoats & Weaponry ~ The Finishing School Book the Third. I honestly do not yet know the exact release date. Probably early November 2014.
Manners & Mutiny ~ The Finishing School Book the Last. Working rough draft.
Prudence ~ Custard Protocol Book the First: Delayed. Why? Rewrite begins soon.


The Books! 

The Finishing School Series: 1 Etiquette & Espionage, 2 Curtsies & Conspiracies


The Parasol Protectorate Series: 1 Soulless, 2 Changeless, 3 Blameless, 4 Heartless, 5 Timeless
Parasol Protectorate Series manga graphic novels
 $0.99 short stories (ebook only) Marine Biology, My Sister’s Song, & Fairy Debt
Audiobook of Crudrat releasing end of April 2014. Find out more at crudrat.com

Book News:
So Many Books, So Little Time says of Curtsies & Conspiracies, “I adore the madcap world that Gail Carriger has created. A dirigible finishing school, highway men in top hats, vampire professors and mechanimals – I want to be a part of it.”

Quote of the Day:

“It is through art, and through art only, that we can realise our perfection.”

~ Oscar Wilde

Gail’s Favorite 5 Industry Resources (Important for Writers)

Posted by Gail Carriger


So I’m a writer, you may, somehow have guessed this, Gentle Reader. What this means is that I spend most of my time clickity-clacking on a keyboard, staring hopelessly at a computer screen, distracting myself with vast quantities of caffeine alone in a tiny room surrounded by books, stacks of paper, and 52 pairs of shoes. (In my experience, many writers are quite similar, barring the shoes.)

Still, I’m a social animal and I enjoy connecting with fellow writers and keeping in the loop with the industry. This is a lonely life, aside from my writing dates with J. Daniel Sawyer (and, in the past, Blake Charlton), the occasional august visitor to the Bay Area, and a few conventions. So here is a list of the top five ways I try to follow what’s going on in SF/F publishing.

1. Locus Magazine. The Vanity Fair of my world. Want to write in this genre? Read Locus.
2. The SFWA Bulletin. Best for tracking short story markets, but amazingly useful and absorbing. Agent Anonymous is particularly good.
3. My Agent’s Blog.
4. The SF Signal blog This is pretty much the only blog in my feed that is industry specific, I find it covers most of my needs and use Pornokitsch to keep track of England’s perspective.
5. Industry podcasts (I lumped these together because it’s hard to pick just one). Most of them are hit or miss per episode and you can tell pretty early on in an interview whether it’s for you.

  • Adventures in SciFi Publishing: best for interviews with authors and editors
  • Beyond the Book: targets non-authors, best for inside information as to what’s worrying the big 6 at the moment, kind of like a mini BEA in your ears each week.
  • SF Signal Podcast: author interviews and round table discussions (my favorite)
  • Functional Nerds: SF/F interviews (not only authors)
  • I Should Be Writing: Interviews but Mur’s thoughts, trails, and tribulations as a writer are what I listen for.
  • Litopia: literary agent in London talks authors and industry and, my favorite, legal matters.
  • Agony Column: Interviews, readings, and round table discussions from SF in SF in others. Not SF/F specific, lots will come down the feed so I find myself being very selective.
  • The Roundtable Podcast: Interviews with author broken into two parts, discussion and workshopping. If you are an aspirating author, focus on the workshops segments.
  • Shared Desk: Pip and Tee being outrageous. What more could you ask?
  • Sword & Laser Podcast: Some Author interviews but mainly reviews and reading group discussions connected to Goodreads, an excellent reader perspective. Also talk upcoming releases and some industry thoughts.
  • Your Book is Why Daddy Drinks: amusing analysis of (mainly) popular fiction, focusing on the badly written, from a analytical perspective.
  • And, debunked but still valuable ~ The Survivor Guide to Writing Fantasy: Tee passing out some of the most useful tips in the world, in a most obnoxious manner.

Book News:
Changeless reviews
Marks on the basis of tea.
The Barenaked Critic stays charmed.
And one on YouTube in French.
Lovely Books Blog
Changeless and Blameless together from Pages of the Mind

Quote of the Day:
“I hate and love. And why, perhaps you’ll ask.
I don’t know: but I feel, and I’m tormented.”
~ Catullus
“Catullus, a good Latin poet, and the friend of Cicero. His poetry is too licentious for a refined taste, and pure principles and feelings.”
~ Mangnall (1833)
Gotta love the Vicotrian’s opinion on the Ancients.

Comic Con Report from the Author-Side ~ Saturday

Posted by Gail Carriger


I’m late posting today, Gentle Reader, for which I apologize. I lost my writing time yesterday and felt guilty enough to move my normal timing around and write early today to ensure productivity. Of course, I should have done double, but I’m a word count wimp. I believe I now think daily in 2000 word chunks.

Anyway, you want to hear more about Comic Con? Right, here we go.

Saturday was steampunk invasion day. Well, I thought if it that way because the Starburner awards were to take place outside on the balcony that afternoon.


I got up and dutifully had my swim and soak. This was getting harder and harder to do as the convention progressed, which only meant it was more necessary. (The AB asked upon my return, “Was KB there?”) After a delicious egg white omelet from the buffet (my new favorite way to start any convention day) it was time to get dressed. I laced myself into a modified version of the teaspoons corset outfit. Modified for packing and heat reasons.


Now familiar with the secret back entrance to Comic Con, the AB and I arrived at the steampunk gathering on the Mezzanine Level well before noon. It was kind of hilarious to walk the gauntlet along the waterfront where miles and miles of people in line for Hall H wound over hill and dale. It meant we literally walked along, with the line facing one way on one side, and the other way on the the other side, for about 3 city blocks. People snapped photos of us the whole time. With the AB in top hat and boots and me with my parasol and corset, our posture sublimely correct, we did feel exactly as the Guild so aptly called us steampunkers, “. . . the Eurotrash of nerd-dom.”

1c_2012-07-14 at 12.24.45

Once arrived, it was beyond fun simply to mill about with friends, old and new, in the steampunk community. It was like finding my tribe among the crazy thousands that were there for the con. Many of them I’d met several times before at other steampunk events, some only that morning on the panel.

2_2012-07-14 at 12.17.46
2Ember Brennen Sparks

To my genuine surprise, after we had assembled for a mass photo, I was called down and awarded a Annual Starburner Galactic Courier Award for contributions to the steampunk community. I was, and am, quite honored. I might even have come over sentimental. It was a wonderful way to start the day.

3_2012-07-14 at 13.04.44
3Awards 3StarburnerAward

Then I had the pleasure of meeting Bruce Boxleitner and the team behind the forthcoming Lantern City. Which sounds like a fun steampunk project.

4_2012-07-14 at 13.09.21

It was a little comical, and highlights what a bad geek I am. Please understand, I’m primarily a reader and a writer of SF/F not a watcher (with a few notable exceptions), so present me with Tamara Pierce and I go all gaga, but film stars don’t really overcome me. So Bruce Boxleitner and I have a brief chat, and then the following incident occurred as I walked away with the AB, hurrying to make my Spotlight panel . . .

  • Gail: This is so embarrassing, but I know I know him, and I recognize his voice, but why do I know him?
  • The AB (truly offended): That’s Tron!
  • Gail: Oh?
  • AB: You know, Tron, like ON THE SHIRT HE’S WEARING tron.
  • Gail: Mmmmmm. Oh, Babylon 5!
  • AB: Sigh. Yes, dear.

I am a bad bad geek.

Next up was my Spotlight on Gail Carriger panel. I was so nervous. It’s Comic Con and with a million other competing events I thought no one would come to mine.

5_2012-07-14 at 13.52.47

I was wrong! Oh my, I was honored, so many people turned up. I don’t care if some of them were there for the panel after, they sat through mine, and laughed in all the right places which is all I can ask for in life. I bounced about demonstrating my awesome parasol while the room got settled and then Kristin and I chatted.

6_2012-07-14 at 13.30.18

We discuss breaking into publishing, and how she had once rejected me (for a different book) years before I became her client. We talked about converting a novel into a manga, writing steampunk, drinking tea, and the importance of octopuses. We made the big film option announcement and then had a little Q&A. Kristen was well prepared and I hope people enjoyed seeing the author/agent dynamic. I really had fun. All my nerves were for naught.

7_2012-07-14 at 14.57.24

Then I dashed off for my signing and had a gratifying line and no pause for the next hour or so. You, my Gentle Readers, are too good to me. Knowing there were so many things you could see and yet having you come and stand for ages just so I could sign a book was an honor. Really. It made my convention. And so many familiar faces from my previous visits to San Diego and LA.

8_2012-07-14 at 14.50.51

Mysterious Galaxy Books handled the line with their usual aplomb. This fabulous indy in LA (Redondo Beach) and San Diego has a fanatical (and well deserved) following. If you are local to either area you should make it a point to visit them. They are great people, very knowledgeable in the genre, super supportive of authors, involved in their local SF/F community, and tapped in to events in the area. Good people to know, when you’re a geek, if you ask me. And, one of their minions commented that I had the politest fans at the con. I’m so proud!

9_2012-07-14 at 14.56.00

I was given lovely trinkets, including a knitted pair of mitts.


After that, I had an interview with Katie of Bookyurt. Like the last time we met, at RT, we shot a little video outside. This one without so much wind noise, I hope. I’ll let you know when in drops.

I then dashed back to my hotel room, had a nibble and changed out of the steampunk garb for the evening. I had a fan tweet up. Just so you know, Gentle Reader, I try to do this whenever I travel, particularly if the convention is expensive and/or there is no kaffeklutch. I want people to be able to meet me, and I like a nice casual venue. As a reader, I always enjoyed meting my favorite authors this way, so I do my best to make time in my schedule for tweet-ups. This one was at Sweet Things Frozen Yogurt and made for a yummy pause to the evening. About 10 ladies turned up and we chatted and nibbled and then took photos. I had a great time, I always feel I get to know my readers so much better this way. Since the AB was off at a baby shower, I’ve no pictures of my own of this event. I hope some will turn up on Facebook eventually.

Original plans for that night included party hopping with my old author chum Dave Williams. But he was off having dinner with his publisher and I had an invite to a party on a yacht. Don’t ask. Having never been on a yacht, I dragged Mike Lee along with me and paid a yacht call. Couldn’t stay long because Bruce Boxleitner and his Lantern City team wanted to go eat Mexican, and would Thomas Willeford and I like to join them? Why yes, we would.

On the way out, who did I run into but Chris Hardwick. I might have had my one and only Comic Con fan girl moment. Yes, I went to dinner with Bruce Boxleitner, had a hot tub next to Kevin Bacon (thank goodness I was wearing my best Marilyn Monroe swimsuit), nearly tripped over Seth Green, and caught Jason Mews viewing bat-mobiles. Sure, Six and Anders are just as inhumanly hot in real life. Yes, the Firefly team was beyond cute. But I love the Nerdist. I. Love. It.


Podcasting is the geekdom I acquired as an adult. As a kid, I was a nerdy reader, a ST:TNG and Dr. Who watcher, and lover of all things fantasy. But as an adult I love podcasts. I am possibly addicted to them. It’s California, I drive a lot. And, with the possible exception of the GeeksOn boys (curse me for not knowing about their Comic Con meet up until after) the Nerdest boys are kings of my podcast-loving withered old heart. So, yes, there might have been a breathy, “Can I get a photo with you?” And then a nervous inability to strike up a conversation as Chris Hardwick and his gorgeous date waited for a taxi behind me.

So, with agent in tow, I took a San Diego Taxi of Doom out to a Mexican restaurant to eat dinner with the Captain of Babylon 5. We had fun talking concepts, steampunk, and characterization over fish tacos and horchatta.


After another epic taxi battle later, and I arrived back at the hotel quite late baring an extra fish taco with lots to tell the AB. After handing the hungry AB the food and relaying garbled details of dinner . . .

  • The AB responds with: So you’re saying Bruce Boxleitner bought me a fish taco?
  • Gail: Something like that. Ooo, and guess who else I got to meet tonight? (Shows photo of self with Chris Hardwick, the AB also being a big Nerdist podcast fan.)
  • AB: Is that Dr. Who?
  • Gail: Look closer.
  • AB: Is that Chris Hardwick?
  • Gail, crowing: Yes!
  • AB: You have had an interesting day.


Your Infusion of Cute . . .
cute_2012-07-14 at 12.41.52

Your Tisane of Smart . . .

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .
12 tips for getting book reviews

Prudence ~ The Parasol Protectorate Abroad Book the First: Working rough draft. Release date Fall 2013. Gotta get these peeps floating.
Etiquette & Espionage ~ Finishing School Book the First: Release date Feb 5, 2013. Working promo schemes.Deportment & Deceit ~ The Finishing School Book the Second: Third draft handed in to editor, awaiting edits.
Manga ~ Soulless Vol. 2: (AKA Changeless) Reviewing chapter by chapter, each drops on YenPlus by subscription. Print release tentatively Dec. 2012.

BIG FAT SPOILER ALERT on the Parasol Protectorate series! Really, DON’T READ THE BLURB ON AMAZON if you haven’t read the other books first!

The Omnibus hardback editions are limited run through the SciFi Bookclub only.

The manga editions, Vol. available in print, Vol. 2 by subscription to YenPlus.

Most short stories available in ebook form world wide!

The first Finishing School book ~ Not yet Released

Book News:
New interview up at Strange and Random Happenstance

Quote of the Day:
“In the 1880s it was not considered correct to leave cards when a hostess was found at home; when a married woman called upon another married woman but found her out, she always left three cards: one of her own (for the wife), and two of her husband’s (one for the husband and one for the wife). If the hostess was either unmarried of widowed, only one of her husbands cards would be left. A bachelor, or a married man calling without his wife on a married couple would leave two of his cards. However, a lady never left her card for a man, and a married man never left his wife’s card.”
~ Katie Hickman

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