Prudence Promotional Material Exclusive Sneak Peek!

So, Gentle Reader, in addition to cover copy there’s promotional material copy for a book these days. By that they mean the wordage used in online venues, bookstore pamphlets and other advertising. I got special permission from Orbit to let you guys see the Prudence extra copy first! Here you go… ON BEHALF OF QUEEN, […]

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Crudrat Drops, Prudence Tease, Plus 4 Book Reviews!

Hello Gentle Reader, I’m back on the grid after several days of restorative rest and relaxation. While Gail Was Away Crudrat audiobook released to backers! Hooray! I will let you know when it’s available for purchase to the general public. (Official kickstarter announcement.) What Gail Got Up To I managed to stay on top of […]

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6 Questions Answered About the New Custard Protocol Series

So, before I left for NY, I revealed the cover for Prudence. Sales Conference in NY presenting said cover This generated gratifying excitement and no few questions around the social medias. Here I answer six of the more pressing… Does the (really soon!) release date [March 17, 2015] affect the release of the last Finishing […]

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Changing Release Dates

Some of my more crafty Gentle Readers out there have already spotted this fact ~ yes my release dates have changed. Etiquette & Espionage (The Finishing School Book the First) is still releasing February 5, 2013. It will be in hard back. You can pre-order on Amazon or any fine bookstore online or near you. […]

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Victorian Travel Times

So you are writing something set in the Victorian era? How long will it take your characters to get from one place to another? Below I calculate travel times by horse, train, dirigible, and werewolf. Gentle Reader, occasionally the curious ask me how I calculate travel times, sooo… I wrote this blog post! Before writing […]

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Prudence: A Peek At Gail Carriger’s Research

I’m writing the first Custard Protcol book right now, Gentle Reader, set in 1895. There are the usual pauses for research and as I thought you might enjoy a look at the rabbit holes I have been chasing over the past month in pursuit of fodder for Prudence. Mainly so Rue can blow it up […]

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In Which Gail Gets Into It About Sundowners

I had an interesting question from my Swedish publisher, Gentle Reader, addressing the subject of Sundowners. All About Sundowners in the Parasolverse They were hoping I could sort it out for them. “Alexia also suspected there were a few sundowners left among the ranks, though not used much anymore.” ~ From Soulless Later on in […]

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