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Favorite Voyage & Feelings on Short Fiction

A couple fun thoughts today from some questions I haven’t answered before, Gentle Reader. On being an author: favorite voyage I’ve penned, how I feel about short fiction, and a few other bits and bobs. What’s your favorite voyage from the Parasolverse? I really love the voyage to Peru by way of Singapore in Competence. […]

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Gail Talks Upcoming Writing Projects (video)

Dear Gentle Reader, Here’s a new Live Q&A for you. This one is all about writing and upcoming projects. Questions that I answer General stuff about life and being an author: It’s been a year … what good and what bad has Covid brought to you as an author? To your process?  I talk about […]

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Happy Holidays Q&A + Vixen Ecology (Video)

Final Video of the year! I talk a lot about my weird food habits over holidays and all things yummy in conjunction with my family holiday traditions. In This Video Vixen Ecology will be a newsletter only digital release.  You can read more about it on my website. My favorite chocolates to eat and gift? […]

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All About My Love of Libraries with Gail Carriger

My dear Gentle Reader, I recently had a super fun podcast interview all about one of my favorite things… libraries! The Circulating Ideas podcast, interview dropped Feb 25, 2020. I giggle a lot because I am so pleased and honored to talk to a real librarian. Here are some of the questions I answered with […]

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Tour of the New Office + Writing Q&A (Video)

Dearest Gentle Reader, Some of you have been waiting a while for this one! Finally a tour of my new office digs! This is my last Live Q&A of the year. Don’t worry more coming in January! The Video! OFFICE TOUR! The octopus decal wall stencil on my closet. Teapot decal wall stickers in the […]

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Post Reticence Q&A, Future Plans, Meat Cute Release Info (Video)

Dear Gentle Reader, here’s my latest Live Q&A – Post-Reticence writing life, future plans, and more! Upcoming Projects I’m Excited About! I talk about Meat Cute and plans for audio and digital. The Enforcer Enigma is coming! Heroine’s Journey non-fic. Blog post featuring my story ideas and possible future books. Stuff I’m Into! My lipstick […]

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Reticence Release Q&A and More!

My new book, Reticence, hits stores tomorrow, Gentle Reader. I hope you are excited to read Percy’s book and to visit more and very different parts of the world. You are in for a great deal of hijinks and silliness and a couple big reveals that I think will shock and delight about the world, […]

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