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The First Interview I Ever Did As An Author

My dear Gentle Reader, this interview was conducted by Orbit in 2008 shortly after the acquisition of the manuscript, before Soulless released into the world. Have you always known that you wanted to be a writer? Actually, I’m still not entirely convinced I am one. I seem to have stumbled upon authordom inadvertently. I’m not […]

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Favorite Voyage & Feelings on Short Fiction

A couple fun thoughts today from some questions I haven’t answered before, Gentle Reader. On being an author: favorite voyage I’ve penned, how I feel about short fiction, and a few other bits and bobs. What’s your favorite voyage from the Parasolverse? I really love the voyage to Peru by way of Singapore in Competence. […]

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Gail Talks Upcoming Writing Projects (video)

Dear Gentle Reader, Here’s a new Live Q&A for you. This one is all about writing and upcoming projects. Questions that I answer General stuff about life and being an author: It’s been a year … what good and what bad has Covid brought to you as an author? To your process?  I talk about […]

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Happy Holidays Q&A + Vixen Ecology (Video)

Final Video of the year! I talk a lot about my weird food habits over holidays and all things yummy in conjunction with my family holiday traditions. In This Video Vixen Ecology will be a newsletter only digital release.  You can read more about it on my website. My favorite chocolates to eat and gift? […]

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All About My Love of Libraries with Gail Carriger

My dear Gentle Reader, I recently had a super fun podcast interview all about one of my favorite things… libraries! The Circulating Ideas podcast, interview dropped Feb 25, 2020. I giggle a lot because I am so pleased and honored to talk to a real librarian. Here are some of the questions I answered with […]

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Tour of the New Office + Writing Q&A (Video)

Dearest Gentle Reader, Some of you have been waiting a while for this one! Finally a tour of my new office digs! This is my last Live Q&A of the year. Don’t worry more coming in January! The Video! OFFICE TOUR! The octopus decal wall stencil on my closet. Teapot decal wall stickers in the […]

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