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Tour of the New Office + Writing Q&A (Video)

Dearest Gentle Reader, Some of you have been waiting a while for this one! Finally a tour of my new office digs! This is my last Live Q&A of the year. Don’t worry more coming in January! The Video! OFFICE TOUR! The octopus decal wall stencil on my closet. Teapot decal wall stickers in the […]

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Post Reticence Q&A, Future Plans, Meat Cute Release Info (Video)

Dear Gentle Reader, here’s my latest Live Q&A – Post-Reticence writing life, future plans, and more! Upcoming Projects I’m Excited About! I talk about Meat Cute and plans for audio and digital. The Enforcer Enigma is coming! Heroine’s Journey non-fic. Blog post featuring my story ideas and possible future books. Stuff I’m Into! My lipstick […]

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Reticence Release Q&A and More!

My new book, Reticence, hits stores tomorrow, Gentle Reader. I hope you are excited to read Percy’s book and to visit more and very different parts of the world. You are in for a great deal of hijinks and silliness and a couple big reveals that I think will shock and delight about the world, […]

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A Very Personal Interview ~ Gail’s Out Front Pride (Q&A)

Bit of something different for you today, Gentle Reader. The following if from an interview for Denver’s OutFront Magazine, the Comic Issue (print, not online) when I was in town for Denver’s Pop Culture Con in 2019. I figure the super nosy amongst you might want a peek into this part of my life, and […]

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Soulless Illustrated Hardback, Peek Beneath the Cover? Your questions answered. (The Parasol Protectorate Q&A & Behind the Magic)

My darling Gentle Reader, Here’s some behind the scenes deliciousness, pertaining to Soulless Illustrated Hardcover! This special edition of Soulless includes 10 stunning full page illustrations in Edward Gorey style by the talented Jensine Eckwall. Out Tomorrow! September 18, 2018 Here’s some close up images of what this edition looks like… What kind of hardcover is it? This edition is a board printed […]

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Writing Characters, Future Plans & Gossip (Video Q&A)

Hello Gentle Reader, The video is a little off center because frankly, so is my life right now, but here you go lots of fun and insider info… Things Gail Discusses Two different Competence covers (some struggles with Australian distribution, and why things have been difficult). Everything on how to get Competence and signed versions […]

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10 Things I’m Embarrassed to Tell You from Gail Carriger

I was listening to a Podcast recently, Gentle Reader, and it inspired me! So without further ado here’s some rather humiliating stuff for you nosy parkers out there… 1. Coffee Is Not That Bad Okay, yes, I do drink coffee (as well a tea). And I’m just as snobbish about it as tea. My drink […]

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