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Character Names & The British Aristocracy

I was reading Vanity Fair recently, Gentle Reader, and they had one of their swanky photo bits on this British aristocratic wedding in Suffolk (Alexander Spencer-Churchill and Scarlett Strutt). Crazy British Names I just glanced over the names of the wedding guests and they gave me the giggles. One of the things I get asked about a […]

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Con Report: Fun at Gaslight Gathering in San Diego

I had a wonderful time at the Gaslight Gathering in San Diego recently, Gentle Reader. I highly recommend it if you can make the trip in future. It’s a well run, entertaining, educational convention. I met up with fans who had driven from Tucson and Las Vegas (waves at the Entwives). And it was a […]

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Victorian Money Means Coins! Research Behind Steampunk

This is one of those blog posts in which I demonstrate the nitty-gritty of research in an aggravatingly nit-picky way. This is an amended reboot from 2012 when I first started writing Prudence. Read at your own risk. To protect the guilty I’m not going to name any names, Gentle Reader, and I’d like to state […]

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All About Steampunk: Goggles, Gaiters & Glory

The World of Steampunk: Goggles, Gaiters & Glory To me there are two main kinds of steampunk. The first, which I shall be call, traditional steampunk, envisions a future as the Victorians imagined it. The writings of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne are good examples. The second, which I think of as industrial steampunk, sees […]

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Gifts for the Gail Carriger Uber Fan

So, here are some gifts that I, in my limited expert experience on the subject, think that a Gail Carriger fan would really enjoy. Just getting into the spirit of the season. Gifts for the Gail Carriger Fan Badali Bumbersnoot necklace or Sophronia’s bladed fan. Sparkly fan!  Silk Fan with Green Sequins for Dimity from […]

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20 Random Things You Might Not Know About Gail

For you, Gentle Reader, here are 20 random things from a random mind trying to get this blasted book finished… Imprudence research.   While other kids played marriage with their barbies, I played divorce court. The stuffed animals were the jury. I cannot do any tongue-related tricks. Nope. Not that either. I listen to podcasts […]

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Victorian Slang for Lord Akeldama

1811 Slang for Lord Akeldama Backgammon player ~ A sodomite A bang up cove ~ A dashing fellow who spends his money freely Bachelor’s faire ~ Bread and cheese and kisses Blanket hornpipe or Buttock ball ~ The amorous congress Pink of the fashion ~ The top of the mode Prinking ~ Dressing over nicely; […]

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Alternate Historical Names for Clothing in the Victorian Era

1811 ~ Alternate Historical Names for Clothing Togs ~ Clothes Articles or Inexpressibles ~ Underthings, sometimes Breeches Farting crackers or Galligaskins ~ Breeches Buntlings ~ Petticoats Fallalls ~ Ornaments, chiefly woman’s, such as ribands, necklaces, etc. India wipe ~ A silk handkerchief Specked whiper ~ A coloured handkerchief Knuckle-dabd, or knuckle-confounders ~ Ruffles Brogue ~ […]

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