Dear Author, How Could You End the Series? (Occasional FAQ)

Today, Gentle Reader, I introduce a new occasional series of installments of questions I get constantly. How Could You End It? I’m delighted you liked the series but it is finished. I believe in leaving a party while I am still enjoying it, and, perhaps more importantly, while others are still enjoying my company. I’ve […]

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Timeless Clock App (Parasol Protectorate)

Orbit has developed a steampunk Parasol Protectorate clock app for me! Very exciting, and free on iTunes. I am a particular fan of the teatime feature. If you turn it on, a little quote appears at tea time every day. So far as I know there are not plans to put it on any other […]

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European Tour Schedule

I leave tomorrow, Gentle Reader. Am I running around like the proverbial headless chicken? Darlings, I’m a boneless skinless chicken breast. It’s not pretty at the House of Gail, right now, not pretty at all. I both love and loathe packing, all that neat organization and rolling of clothes and tucking of socks into nooks […]

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Win a Teapot Photo Contest

CLOSED Whilst on my Grand UK Tour, I will sign three very special items for Orbit to give away as prizes. The first prize is this darling teapot, and the two runner-up prizes are these twee tea strainers (all from Oliver Bonas.) To enter is take a photo of yourself with a parasol or umbrella […]

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The Songs in Timeless (Parasol Protectorate Special Extras)

A little DVD extra moment for you, Gentle Reader, on this gray Monday morning. There are two songs mentioned in Timeless I thought, perhaps, you’d enjoy knowing a little more about them. From the train departure from London scene . . . The Tunstell’s troupe had already struck up a rousing chorus of Shine Your […]

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Timeless Book Tour Recap ~ Parasol Protectorate

Apologizes for the radio silence, my dear Gentle Reader. I’ve been on book tour for Timeless and the Soulless manga. It was a blast, but quite busy and rather exhausting. It was the classic fly, land, hotel, change, event, hotel, sleep ~ wash and repeat. Fitting food into the mix was an exercise in mathematical […]

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Goodbye Parasol Protectorate Tea (Timeless)

So we had our Goodbye Parasol Protectorate Tea-party on Sunday, Gentle Reader, and raised enough money to buy two wheelchairs for the Variety Children’s Charity! There was a fun little raffle as well as a bar and the cost of admission. I’m so proud of my fans! It was not only a fun event, but […]

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Ending a Series ~ Part 2: Emotions (Important for Writers)

There’s a sense of listlessness at the ending of a series, Gentle Reader. I’ve felt it for years as a voracious reader, now I feel it as an author for the first time. It’s a little like breaking up with a partner you still love plus losing friends through time and distance plus ending a […]

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Timeless Research (Parasol Protectorate Special Extras)

Some inspirational images from Timeless research. I though you’d like to see some pictures of things I drew upon for this last book. Kind of like a book design board. I promise, Gentle Reader, no spoilers, or nothing that you would know is a spoiler until after you finish the book!   Romance on the […]

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