7 Steampunk-ish Things In France

It’s hard for me to turn the steampunk hunting instincts off, Gentle Reader. I’m like a truffle pig in this particular matter. Snuffle snuffle snort . . . steampunk! I thought there would be a more propitiatory connection to early flight, all my research suggests the French were once particularly enamored of floating about full […]

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Holiday Fun: Books as Gifts Part 5 Timeless Themed

The book basket comes to an end with one final installment. If you want to know what I’m on about the introduction to this idea is here. 1. Order signed from Borderlands (Definitely get your request in before Dec 15th, that’s the last time I’ll be able to get in to sign stock for them […]

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The Parasol Protectorate Boxed Set Birth

The boxed set of the Parasol Protectorate releases officially today! The Parasol Protectorate Boxed Set: Soulless, Changeless, Blameless, Heartless and Timeless (Alexia Tarabotti) All five books in one tidy box! My first boxed set as a kid was the Chronicles of Narnia. And contrary to most The Horse and His Boy was always my favorite. […]

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Stocking Your Victorian Kitchen, 1888

A list of necessities for the kitchen of a Middle Class Victorian family of four in India, 1888. 6 Stewpans of saucepans, of sizes, with covers 2 Frying-pans 1 Omelet-pan, enameled 1 Large kettle with cock 1 Colander 1 Wire fryign basket 1 Egg poacher 1 Large boiler 2 Small tin saucepan 1 Mortor and […]

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Dear Author, How Could You End the Series?

Today, Gentle Reader, I introduce a new occasional series of installments of questions I get constantly. How Could You End It? I’m delighted you liked the series but it is finished. I believe in leaving a party while I am still enjoying it, and, perhaps more importantly, while others are still enjoying my company. I’ve […]

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Timeless Clock App

Orbit has developed a steampunk Parasol Protectorate clock app for me! Very exciting, and free on iTunes. I am a particular fan of the teatime feature. If you turn it on, a little quote appears at tea time every day. So far as I know there are not plans to put it on any other […]

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7 Great Books for Researching the Victorians in Egypt

Today I present to you, part of our occasional series of DVD extras . . . some of the books I used to research Timeless. Ancient Egypt Lithographs by David Roberts, R.A. Roberts visited Egypt for the first time in 1838 and sketched much of the area, including archaeological sites, while he was there. He […]

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All About the Songs Mentioned in Timeless

A little DVD extra moment for you, Gentle Reader, on this gray Monday morning. There are two songs mentioned in Timeless I thought, perhaps, you’d enjoy knowing a little more about them. 1 From the train departure from London scene . . . The Tunstell’s troupe had already struck up a rousing chorus of Shine […]

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Dear Lord Akeldama: A Sudden Onset of Parental Obligations

Here he is! Rune Bartlett asks: How you feel about becoming the adoptive parent to Lady Alexia and Lord Maccon’s child? Do you feel up to the task? Of course, duckie, how difficult can it be? Lousie asks: I hope I am not being terribly rude, for this question comes from the heart. Are werewolf/vampire […]

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Timeless Book Tour Recap

Apologizes for the radio silence, my dear Gentle Reader. I’ve been on book tour for Timeless and the Soulless manga. It was a blast, but quite busy and rather exhausting. It was the classic fly, land, hotel, change, event, hotel, sleep ~ wash and repeat. Fitting food into the mix was an exercise in mathematical […]

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Goodbye Parasol Protectorate Tea for Timeless

So we had our Goodbye Parasol Protectorate Tea-party on Sunday, Gentle Reader, and raised enough money to buy two wheelchairs for the Variety Children’s Charity! There was a fun little raffle as well as a bar and the cost of admission. I’m so proud of my fans! It was not only a fun event, but […]

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