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Bumbersnoot Art! (Finishing School Special Extras)

Bumbersnoot is a new and excitingly silly character in the up-coming Finishing School series. On his first introduction… It had four legs—four very short legs—and a small, spiky tail. Steam emanated slightly from its underbelly, and smoke came out from under its leather earflaps. It looked a little like one of those sausage dogs the […]

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Dear Author, How Could You End the Series? (Occasional FAQ)

Today, Gentle Reader, I introduce a new occasional series of installments of questions I get constantly. How Could You End It? I’m delighted you liked the series but it is finished. I believe in leaving a party while I am still enjoying it, and, perhaps more importantly, while others are still enjoying my company. I’ve […]

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Medical Common Sense and Plain Home Talk, Gail Carriger’s Parasolverse Research (Parasol Protectorate Special Extras)

Rummaging about in my research books for inspiration and getting sucked yet again into Medical Common Sense and Plain Home Talk by Edward B. Foote, M.D., 1871. This book contains such delicious chapter titles as: The Causes of Nervous and Blood Derangements (Violating the Moral Nature, Bad Habits of Manhood and Womanhood) Common Sense Remedies […]

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Victorian Household Medicine (Special Extras)

A Household Medicine Cabinet 1870s 1. Powdered ipecacuanah [induce vomiting] 2. Purgative powder 3. Sulphate of quinine [malaria treatment] 4. Chlorodyne [chloroform and morphine tincture] 5. Carbolic acid [antiseptic] 6. Castor Oil 7. Eno’s fruit salts 8. One bottle each of M’Kesson and Robbin’s compound podophyllin and aloes and myrrh pills [for warts and verrucas, […]

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