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Custard Protocol Extras: Fun Research Tidbits for Prudence

While I was writing Prudence, I collected some fun and key images for significant scenes. Here are a few that I thought you might enjoy, Gentle Reader. via Saladin Ahmed on Twitter (@saladinahmed)   Now you can look out for them as you read… and some quotes, because I’m honored by the warm reception this […]

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Steampunk Book Suggestions – notes from a convention

Hello my dear Gentle Reader! I’m back. OK so you didn’t even notice I was gone. But I did pay a short visit to a local convention, Convolution, this last Saturday. It was pretty low key with an excellent greenroom and good company. I didn’t stay for the parties. I did get to meet GOH […]

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Victorian Pregnancy Research for Heartless

July 1, 2014 Heartless and Timeless released in trade paperback size to the US market. At that juncture the mass market editions have been discontinued. If you have already read the Parasol Protectorate series, read on! (Or if you don’t mind spoilers.) Otherwise, just skip today’s blog post, OK? It should come as no surprise […]

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25+ Tips for Researching a Victorian Setting (Steampunk & beyond)

Good morning, Gentle Reader, some tips for the writers amongst you today! How to research a Victorian setting for fiction authors – Steampunk, Historical Romance & Beyond In this post I offer tips for online, book, and other sources for researching a Victorian-set novel. Including tips you’ve not read elsewhere. 25+ Tips for Researching a […]

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Victorian Medical Science in Reticence

Some gems of wisdom from 1871, Medical Common Sense & Plain Home Talk by Edward B. Foote, M.D. The human machinery becomes clogged with poisonous humors. As a female germ can not produce a child without the addition of a male germ, so there latent impure particles in the blood can not generate disease without […]

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Bumbersnoot Art!

Bumbersnoot is a new and excitingly silly character in the up-coming Finishing School series. On his first introduction… It had four legs—four very short legs—and a small, spiky tail. Steam emanated slightly from its underbelly, and smoke came out from under its leather earflaps. It looked a little like one of those sausage dogs the […]

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Victorian Travel Times

So you are writing something set in the Victorian era? How long will it take your characters to get from one place to another? Below I calculate travel times by horse, train, dirigible, and werewolf. Gentle Reader, occasionally the curious ask me how I calculate travel times, sooo… I wrote this blog post! Before writing […]

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Prudence: A Peek At Gail Carriger’s Research

I’m writing the first Custard Protcol book right now, Gentle Reader, set in 1895. There are the usual pauses for research and as I thought you might enjoy a look at the rabbit holes I have been chasing over the past month in pursuit of fodder for Prudence. Mainly so Rue can blow it up […]

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Victorian Household Medicine

A Household Medicine Cabinet 1870s 1. Powdered ipecacuanah [induce vomiting] 2. Purgative powder 3. Sulphate of quinine [malaria treatment] 4. Chlorodyne [chloroform and morphine tincture] 5. Carbolic acid [antiseptic] 6. Castor Oil 7. Eno’s fruit salts 8. One bottle each of M’Kesson and Robbin’s compound podophyllin and aloes and myrrh pills [for warts and verrucas, […]

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