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Intellectual Salon: The Land Leviathan in Steampunk (Special Extras)

Guest blogger the Doctor of Phlogiston is back. He’s my resident steampunk philosopher. This little posting is a tilt at the one windmill that I forgot last time I visited here – that ol’ steampunk favourite, the Land Leviathan. This staple of steampunk has been hanging about ever since they first turned up in HG […]

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Gail Carriger Swans Round the British Museum

Tuesday morning, Gentle Reader, I sneaked away from my authorial duties to reconnect with my archaeological roots. AKA I went to the British Museum. The BM is, all issues aside (and there are A LOT of them), one of the world’s greatest repositories of archaeological artifacts and human knowledge. But what has that to do […]

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7 Great Books for Researching the Victorians in Egypt

Today I present to you, part of our occasional series of DVD extras . . . some of the books I used to research Timeless. Ancient Egypt Lithographs by David Roberts, R.A. Roberts visited Egypt for the first time in 1838 and sketched much of the area, including archaeological sites, while he was there. He […]

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Dear Lord Akeldama: The Crystal Palace & Other Wonders

Vampire sparkle action here for you Gentle Reader! Did you, good sir, attend the first World’s Fair? If so, how did you find the architecture and ambiance of The Crystal Palace? And which was your favorite pavilion? My dearest darling sugarplum, Chicago is a tad far for one such as myself. But I did attend […]

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60+ Steampunk Resources To Help With Victorian World Building

Gentle Reader, I thought I might provide a blog of my most frequently asked questions about researching Victorian London and steampunk. What type of research did you have to do while writing the Parasol Protectorate series? I had a fair bit of expertise in certain aspects of the era (fashion, food, manners, literature, theatre, upper […]

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Egg Cartons & Life

Remember what I said about fiber and the publishing industry, Gentle Reader? Well, as fated by my previous blog, suddenly things are no longer slow in New York. I have a quick turn around to get to, so your Interwebs Gail-Mark-X will be scarce for the next few days. Random frustration of life. . . […]

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Changeless Floating Dresses in Detail

I received a question recently via email from the lovely Eva, which I thought so very intriguing others might enjoy my answer. She asked for further detail on the new fashion for floating dresses I describe briefly in my second book, Changeless. Floating Dresses I will say that in the books I did leave this […]

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Hot and Sexy Tips from Academic Life by Gail Carriger

Precision vs. accuracy in the scientific world (i.e. my world) = Precision: Reproducibility, check by repeating measurements, poor precision results from poor technique Accuracy: Correctness, check by using a different method, poor accuracy results from procedural or equipment flaws Commonly Misused Latin Expressions e.g. = exemplii gratia =”example given” or: for example etc. = et […]

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The Great Tea Taste Test of 2009

Conducted an elaborate blind taste test, Gentle Reader, on teas. This was an attempt to find a replacement for my beloved Trader Joes Organic Fair Trade Black Tea, which they have, of course, discontinued. This was my everyday tea, as I cannot afford to drink the imported Twinings gold label all the time. So finding […]

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