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Timeless Research (Parasol Protectorate Special Extras)

Some inspirational images from Timeless research. I though you’d like to see some pictures of things I drew upon for this last book. Kind of like a book design board. I promise, Gentle Reader, no spoilers, or nothing that you would know is a spoiler until after you finish the book! ¬† Romance on the […]

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Egg Cartons& Life

Remember what I said about fiber and the publishing industry, Gentle Reader? Well, as fated by my previous blog, suddenly things are no longer slow in New York. I have a quick turn around to get to, so your Interwebs Gail-Mark-X will be scarce for the next few days. Random frustration of life. . . […]

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Gail Carriger’s Thoughts on Steampunk in New Zealand and Marmite

My compliments to the Kiwi dairy farmers! The milk, cheese, and yoghurt was marvelous. So, thank heavens was the tea. Still not as strong as Twinning’s Gold label but we fond ourselves drinking Auckland based Chanui black tea of a morning. Described as: A strong full bodied blend that was the choice of English lords […]

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Hot and Sexy Tips from Academic Life by Gail Carriger

Precision vs. accuracy in the scientific world (i.e. my world) = Precision: Reproducibility, check by repeating measurements, poor precision results from poor technique Accuracy: Correctness, check by using a different method, poor accuracy results from procedural or equipment flaws Commonly Misused Latin Expressions e.g. = exemplii gratia =”example given” or: for example etc. = et […]

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The Great Tea Taste Test of 2009 – Behind the Magic

Conducted an elaborate blind taste test, Gentle Reader, on teas. This was an attempt to find a replacement for my beloved Trader Joes Organic Fair Trade Black Tea, which they have, of course, discontinued. This was my everyday tea, as I cannot afford to drink the imported Twinings gold label all the time. So finding […]

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