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My Octopus Collection! (Video)

Just a little video for you today Gentle Reader, as I begin the arduous process of shutting down my old office and the fun of decorating my new one. Here I am talking about my octopus collection… So many tentacles! I also have an octopus Pinterest board. Hope you are having a lovely octopus-filled day! […]

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Miss Gail’s Scariest Author Stories, Happy Halloween! (Video)

For Halloween this year, I did this video telling some of my scariest author stories, Gentle Reader. Shiver in horror as I reveal the worst book tour ever, disastrous adventures in airport bathrooms, being orphaned, abandoned, stranded, and that time when hundreds of books went missing. Are you ready for the fear and terror? Well, […]

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Some Super Fun Reticence Stuff: Links & Video

My darling Gentle Reader, Reticence has now been launched into the world, hooray! Reticence Update Here’s all the behind the scenes stuff for Reticence while you read or after you finish! I really hope you enjoy both the book and the extras. Release Q&As plus Tidbits Behind the Scenes Research What Do All Those Latin […]

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Miss Gail Fantasy Casts Soulless the Movie

Gentle Reader, this is a repost of an original article done ten years ago for My Book the Movie website. Consequently, some of my choices may no longer really work, but it’s my fantasy and I am sticking to it! Fantasy Casting Soulless Soulless is a comedic take on the urban fantasy genre set in Victorian […]

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Gail Carriger Shows Off Her Parasol Collection (Video)

Oh, did you think my love of the humble parasol was all a ruse? Certainly not, Gentle Reader. Here is my proof! In this short video I talk about nothing but parasols! Mentioned in this video… Broderie anglaise cream colored full parasol. Blue painted china pattern parasol. Umbrella with grey lace pattern used as a […]

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