Upcoming Events

Gail is like a vampire, she only goes where invited. But, why Doesn’t Gail Visit ME?

Gail’s schedule is filled for 2018. If you are event staff who would like to invite her to a 2019 event, please drop her a calling card. ALL events are subject to change.

Gail's 2018 Event Schedule

September 8th 4pm | Facebook Live with Gail Carriger Soulless Illustrated Edition

Gail has a Facebook LIVE on September 8th talking Soulless Illustrated.

Will be uploaded to her YouTube channel shortly after.

November 15-18 | Teslacon

Gail will be author guest of Honor at Teslacon 9. Details pending.

Convention Protocols

Gail & Piper J. Drake have a podcast all about travelling. [iTunes]