Upcoming Events

Gail is like a vampire, she only goes where invited. But, why Doesn’t Gail Visit ME?

Gail’s schedule is filled for 2017. If you are event staff who would like to invite her to a 2018 event, please drop her a calling card. ALL events are subject to change.

Gail's 2017 Event Schedule

Sept. 20, 7:00pm PST | The Craft of Building Other Worlds: A Writing Series for Aspiring Authors

Gail will be joining authors Andy Weir, Marie Brennan, Anne Nesbet, and Scott Reintgen for a discussion on worldbuilding. The event is free and open to the public.

October 20-21 | Herlufsholm Fantasy Book Fair

Gail will be speaking and signing both days.

“Humans don’t grow that beautiful. Not outside of Denmark, anyway.”
~ Marine Biology

Nov 13, 4pm PST | Facebook Live! Romancing the Werewolf Launch Event!

Gail will be doing a live video Q&A on her Facebook Author Page. Come say hi and ask any burning questions about Biffy & Lyall a week after the release.

Nov 13, 6pm PST | Talk of the Tavern

Gail will be on Twitch TV with the Talk of the Tavern podcasting crew. Catch the video live, or check out the podcast later.

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