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Gail is like a vampire, she only goes where invited. But, why Doesn’t Gail Visit ME?

Gail’s schedule is filled for 2017. If you are event staff who would like to invite her to a 2018 event, please drop her a calling card. ALL events are subject to change.

Gail's 2017 Event Schedule

Sept 9, 9:30am PST | Presentation: Hacking Social Media for Authors

Location may change. Paid event, intended for authors only.

This is part of Gail’s local RWA chapter’s presentation series. Guests are welcome but please follow registration instructions.

Sept 9, 3pm PST | Facebook Live! (Audiobooks + Q&A)

Gail will be doing a live video Q&A on her Facebook Author Page. Come say hi and ask any burning questions. Probably mostly audiobook discussion.

Sept. 20, 7:00pm PST | The Craft of Building Other Worlds: A Writing Series for Aspiring Authors

Gail will be joining authors Andy Weir, Marie Brennan, Anne Nesbet, and Scott Reintgen for a discussion on worldbuilding. The event is free and open to the public.

October 20-21 | Herlufsholm Fantasy Book Fair

Details pending.
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