Upcoming Events

Gail is like a vampire, she only goes where invited. But, why Doesn’t Gail Visit ME?

Gail’s schedule is filled for 2017. If you are event staff who would like to invite her to a 2018 event, please drop her a calling card. ALL events are subject to change.

Gail's 2017 Event Schedule

March 14, 4:30pm PST | Facebook live

Gail will be on Facebook Live on her Author Page for no good reason, just to say hi.

March 14, 6:00pm PST | Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast

Gail will be appearing on the Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast on Google Hangouts & their YouTube Channel, RSS feed & iTunes. She asked to be on this Podcast because she loves it so much.

April 1 | Colorado Teen Literature Conference

Details pending.

April 15~16 | Alaska Steamposium

(The Alaska Experience Theater)

May 5~7 | The Steampunk World's Fair

(Embassy Suites Piscataway121 Centennial Avenue, Piscataway, NJ 08854)

July 18 | SAS LAUNCH

Gail will be on Facebook Live on her Author Page for the launch of SAS. And SO MUCH MORE.

July 19-23 | SDCC

Gail with be a special guest of Comic Con International in San Diego.

October 20-21 | Herlufsholm Fantasy Book Fair

Details pending.
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