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Gail Carriger has multiple NYT bestsellers and millions of books in print in dozens of different languages. She writes book hugs - comedies of manners mixed with urban fantasy (and sexy queer joy as GL Carriger). She is best known for the Parasol Protectorate and Finishing School series. She was once an archaeologist and is fond of shoes, octopuses, and tea. gailcarriger.com More »

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New special offering of insider Parasolverse fun & games: Dear Lord Akeldama & Parasolverse Ephemera: collection of goldenrod nuggets, not a story. Join the Chirrup and get $2 off.

The Heroine’s Journey Gail’s nonfiction book on narrative is out in all formats. References.

Parasolverse TV animation option!

Gail finished writing a YA space opera trilogy. Learn more about it in her newsletter, the Chirrup.

Latest Video: Gail talks AMBUSH & tea

2023 events: lots of steampunk stuff happening!

The Books

The Finishing School1850s Young Adult Completed Series

The Parasol Protectorate1870s Completed Series

The Custard Protocol1890s Completed Series

San Andreas ShiftersContemporary Gay Urban Fantasy Series

Delightfully Deadly1860s Finishing School Spin Off Stories

Supernatural SocietyParasolverse Stand Alone Queer Stories

Claw & Courtship1890s Stand Alone Werewolf Romances

Tinkered StarsScience Fiction Stories

Short StoriesParasolverse & Other Universes

Nonfiction & SpeakingBooks * Presentations * Workshops * Podcasts


Parsolverse: Ambush or Adore, Agatha & Pillover’s story, is OUT in all formats.

San Andreas Shifters: Vixen Ecology, Mana & Lovejoy’s short (follows The Enforcer Enigma), is a digital Chirrup exclusive.

Tinkered Stars universe: Crudrat is OUT in all formants. 

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