Peek at Miss Gail’s Childhood Favorites & Research Bookshelf – Behind the Magic (Video)

Darling Gentle Reader, In this video I talk you through some of my favorite children’s books and how they influenced my writing. Then I show off some of my non-fiction research book collection (secondary resources). What I use, what I keeps on hand and why. Also I’m putting together a collection of my steampunk research […]

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Victorian Silhouette & Fashion Explained for Readers, Fellow Authors, & Dilettantes from Gail Carriger (Special Extras)

My dear Gentle Reader, I am so very immersed in the Victorian Era it often doesn’t occur to me to actually explain fashion (or fashion terms). So here is is the massive explanation of pretty things I talk about in the Parasolverse, that you might not know… Ivy and her hat, REM’s character sketch “The […]

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