Ketchup & Cheer – Random Gail Update

Hello Gentle Reader, Happy 2023, long time no type! I am shocked and honored not only by how many downloaded the all books checklist. I hope you enjoy the list and find a few bookish hugs that you didn’t know about.   I have exciting plans for 2023. I hope to write one new book […]

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The First Interview I Ever Did As An Author

My dear Gentle Reader, this interview was conducted by Orbit in 2008 shortly after the acquisition of the manuscript, before Soulless released into the world. Have you always known that you wanted to be a writer? Actually, I’m still not entirely convinced I am one. I seem to have stumbled upon authordom inadvertently. I’m not […]

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What’s this Dear Lord Akeldama Book Thingy?

Hello Gentle Reader, If you already read the Chirrup you can skip this but if you’ve been seeing rumors about it here’s the skinny. Dear Lord Akeldama & Parasolverse Ephemera Being a collection of vampire advice columns, silly steampunk philosophical treatises, and deleted scenes from the Parasol Protectorate and more! So let me attempt to […]

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Interview with Professor Randolph Lyall

Many thanks to our guest, today, Professor Randolph Lyall. Professor Lyall is visiting us direct, today, from Gail Carriger’s London, and the Parasol Protectorate series. I know your time is precious, Professor, I do hope you’ll forgive me bypassing the customary niceties. For anyone who may not yet be acquainted with your London, would you […]

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