The Great 2019 Parasolverse Read Along Schedule & Guide! (Coop de Book Picks)

So the Parasol Protectorate Facebook Group voted, and the Coop de Book (along with them) are doing a massive Parasolverse read along for 2019, Gentle Reader. I’ll keep pace here in the blog, in the Facebook Fan Group, on Twitter, and with the Chirrup. Skye will try to stay on top of the Goodreads Group. I’m […]

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Resources For Victorian Food & Tea While Gail Carriger is at Teslacon (Special Extras)

I’m at Teslacon for the rest of this week. I hope to see some of you there. Do please come say hello and introduce yourself. I’ll be happy to sign any books you have. Schedule I have a panel on each of my steampunk book series… Friday 12:30pmThe Parasol Protectorate series (St. Paul’s Room) Saturday 3:30pmThe […]

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