In Which Gail Dives Head First Into Also-Boughts (Important for Writers)

Hello my darling Gentle Reader. This is blog post is going to be one of those long rambling ones where I am ruthlessly using you to try to understand the strange world of ebooks and publishing. So, yeah, you can skip it if you’re not into that kinda thing. Also-Boughts! Oh you know them, they […]

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FUN FEATURE ~ Parasol Protectorate Deleted Scenes (Special Extra)

Parasol Protectorate Deleted Scenes Please be aware that deleted scenes may and often do contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.   DELETED BITS from Soulless The Hypocras Club Objectives * Attentiveness — Identify and understand the supernatural threat, assess vulnerabilities, determine potential impacts and disseminate information to our members and security partners. * Preclusion […]

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Gail Carriger Parasolverse All Books In-World Chronological Order & Dates! (Occasional FAQ)

Hello my darling Gentle Reader! By far one of my most frequently asked questions is: In what order do the Parasolverse stories take place? This is a really hard question answer because I am always adding new ones, and they often fit in around one another. So I can’t really do a perineal post here […]

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Video All About Romancing the Werewolf – Lots of FAQs & Ketchup & Useful Links (Q&A with Gail Carriger)

Here, Gentle Reader, is the video version of the recent Facebook Live Q&A that I did to celebrate Romancing the Werewolf. Romancing the Werewolf Launch Video! In which I am bad at trivia, but good at giving hints about future projects! I start off discussing how Romancing the Werewolf came to be, planned and unplanned […]

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The Etiquette of Proper Introductions in Victorian Times (Behind the Magic)

There are all sorts of rules for introductions in Victorian society, Gentle Reader. Basically, the person whose name you say first is the more important person, to whom the other is being made known. The inferior is introduced to the superior. “Duke Hematol, may I introduce Dr. Caedes?” The duke outranks the doctor. However, this […]

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Print of Romancing the Werewolf is Available Now!

Hello darling Gentle Reader, As Chirrup readers already know the print edition of Romancing the Werewolf is now available! Right now, it seems to be only on Amazon but it should be available everywhere else soon. Anywhere you got Romancing the Inventor | Poison or Protect | The Sumage Solution in print should ALSO have Romancing the […]

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Sucker for Sidekicks, Biffy & Lyall & SO Many More (Special Extras)

Recently Romancing the Werewolf hit the world. So I thought It’s tell you a bit about why I felt compelled to write this story. Or, at least, one reason why. Let’s talk . . . characters. I have this little problem, Gentle Reader, I fall in love with my second string characters. It’s not that I don’t […]

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