All Carriger Books

Here’s Gail’s Suggested Reading Order

Tinkered StarsScience Fiction Stories

Gail's sci-fi universe includes an rollicking adventure featuring an outcast misfit; a sexy alien police procedural on a space station; and a trilogy concerning a lonely barista and the transportive power of art, fame, and warm beverages.

The Parasol Protectorate1870s Completed Series

Five books (and one prequel short) chronicling the exploits of Alexia Tarabotti, a lady of considerable assets including a large Scottish werewolf, a battle-parasol, and treacle tart. Oh, and she has no soul. Includes assorted special editions and adaptations.

The Finishing School1850s Young Adult Completed Series

Sophronia is recruited to a finishing school for spies located in a dirigible. Set in Gail's Parasolverse these 4 YA books are full of steampunk etiquette, well-dressed espionage, and flying food.

The Custard Protocol1890s Completed Series

Rue and her crew of miscreants charge about in their high-tech dirigible trying to fix the British Empire - mainly with tea. A four book series that explores how the supernatural evolved throughout the Parasolverse.

San Andreas ShiftersContemporary Gay Urban Fantasy Series

A gay Alpha werewolf moves his pack and his merman boyfriend to San Francisco. Throw in an accidental mage, a killer kitsune drag queen, the kelpie in charge of the DMV, and a dratsie barista and these misfits might just become family. High heat romps guaranteed to make you smile.

Delightfully Deadly1860s Finishing School Spin Off Stories

Stand alone stories set in the Parasolverse filled with manners, spies, and supernatural creatures taking tea. These novellas feature the exploits of graduates of Mademoiselle Geraldine's Finishing School, AKA The Finishing School series.

Supernatural SocietyParasolverse Stand Alone Queer Stories

Stand alone stories featuring popular queer characters from the Parasolverse. Contains a great deal of forward flirtation between members of the same sex, supernaturals of different species, and high society and the lower orders (gasp).

Claw & Courtship1890s Stand Alone Werewolf Romances

Stand alone stories set in the Parasolverse full of werewolves in cravats and the women who adore them.

Short StoriesParasolverse & Other Universes

Gail's short stories include fairies disguised as jesters, warrior women with unusual weapons, and the secrets of Alexia's father, Alessandro Tarabotti.

Nonfiction & SpeakingBooks * Presentations * Workshops * Podcasts

Gail's non-fiction projects include The Heroine's Journey book; various presentations & seminars for authors on the history, business, and craft of writing; and travel podcast 20 Minute Delay.