Upcoming Events

Miss Gail is like a vampire, she only goes where invited. Why Doesn’t Gail Visit ME?

Her schedule is filled for 2019. If you are event staff who wants to invite her to an event in 2020, please drop us a calling card. ALL events are subject to change. 

Gail's 2019 Event Schedule

Aug. 6, 6:00 PM | Reticence LAUNCH @ Borderlands Books

Gail will be at Borderlands to launch her final Custard Protocol book, Reticence. 10 years ago she launched her first book, Soulless, and Borderlands hosted her very first event EVER. Come celebrate 10 years and over 20 books later!

Aug. 7, 7:00 PM | Reticence LAUNCH @ Books Inc Alameda

Gail will be in Alameda as well, launching her final Custard Protocol book, Reticence. She rarely does East Bay events so this is your opportunity NOT to go into the city.

Aug. 10, 3:00 PM Pacific | Reticence LAUNCH FB Live!

Join Gail on her FB Page to talk about the final book in the Custard Protocol series! Q&A all about this book and what’s next. Gail might even read a little bit from the book.

Aug. 15-19 | GUEST: Dublin WorldCon

Miss Gail will be attending WorldCon at the Convention Centre Dublin, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only.

Sept. 26-29 | GOH: Gaslight Steampunk Expo

Miss Gail is guest of honor the Gaslight Steampunk Expo at the Mission Valley Marriott Hotel in San Diego, CA.

Convention Protocols

Gail & Piper J. Drake have a podcast all about travelling. [iTunes]