BaltiCon44 Day 3 ~ Sunday

Sunday yielded up that greatest of all convention luxuries – an opportunity to sleep in. It was my stomach, and not my sense of responsibility, that finally drove me back to the convention.

What I wore Sunday:

After an indifferent meal, I had the rapid fire triple threat of three panels starting at 6 and not ending until 9. BaltiCon seems under the odd assumption that there should be no lee between panels and that some from of space time dimensional rift will allow someone, namely me, to not only get from one room to the next, but not get lost in the interim. I should say at this juncture that I have never not gotten lost in my whole life, and that hotel was not going to blemish a perfect track record of incompetence.

The panel on Creating 3d Characters was fun and rather informally set up, the standard questions were asked and the standard advise given, including the very important details of Professor Lyall’s haircut.

I stumbled into Young Adult Fantasy – How to Get Adults to Read It with a head still filled with ridiculous names and vintage jewelry. There we stayed remarkably on topic and I tried to be all sharp and witty but have the distinct feeling I failed. (Did I mention last night’s martinis?)

My final panel of the convention – what a way to go out! – was as Mur’s guest for I Should Be Writing – Live!. I entered to the packed audience cheering on the opening lines, Mur yodeled out my name as I came scuttling in and they cheered again, it was the closest this Little Author Beast will ever get to being a rock star. Mur had magically arranged for some wonderful new theme music (she’s like that) from the lovely and talented Mr. John Anealio and we had a fun little interview all about conventions, are they worth the time, and other stuff I don’t remember because A. third panel in a row B. large and daunting audience and C. martinis (duh). The song George RR Martin is Not Your Bitch was sung, and became lodged in everyone’s brains for the next week. There was an epic Bad Cop Good Cop involving Mr. Matt F. Wallace himself, some great audience questions, and that was that.

What else to do after three days of con? Eat and then hit a seemingly endless run of parties (meeting Howard Taylor of Writing Excuses who I recognized because of his voice –I’m rather proud of this) ending up outside with Peat surrounded by a cloud of podcaster cigar smoke and excellent conversation. I didn’t quite make it to sunrise but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

Round Up:
Cups of tea: 6
Gail late: 4
Untweetable comments: 13
Unblogable arguments: 3 – all with Peat
Unexpected podcasters: 1
Fangirl moments: 1
Pairs of shoes: 2
Maryland crab consumed: 0 (insert obligatory sad face here again again)

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Big fat cover rant.

A librarian’s take on the world building,

“In any case, I love new social dynamics and the new stuff made this an interesting read. Carriger seems to have a good understanding of how much is too much to throw at her readers all at once, and none of the plot or character got derailed or detracted by it.”

SF Revu says,

“This story is basically a mystery. What is causing the area of un-natural power loss? Why is it moving? How can it be stopped? The mystery is surrounded by another story, that of two people who are trying to develop a working relationship of mutual respect, loyalty, and love. Because of this, as well as a mystery, Changeless is a romance — one that leaves us stunned as we reach the last chapter.”


Quote of the Day:

“There was a long silence while Kitty, still with arms tightly folded, studied him from between narrowed eyes.”

~ John Dickson Carr, The Devil in Velvet, 1951 (via Ansible, Thog’s Masterclass)


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