Gail Carriger is at WorldCon in San Jose, California

My dear Gentle Reader,

I am at WorldCon in San Jose this week and weekend. I have a pretty light schedule so I’ll be wandering around socializing and chatting and drinking lots of tea. If you want to know specifically where to find me…

Thursday, August 16

3:00-4:00pm Carriger & Adina Talk Steampunk (tea and silliness optional)
Location: 210G SJCC
Gail Carriger and Shelley Adina write steampunk with a feminist and funny bent. Join them for some laughter, some craft, some great clothes, and a little speculation about why steampunk lends itself so well to strong heroines.

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7:00-9:00pm Drinks with Authors hosted by r/Fantasy
Location: Uproar Brewing Company, 439 S 1st St.

Friday, August 17

10:00-11:00am Young Adult: Looking at the World Through a Skewed Lens
Tina Connolly, Scott Sigler, Gail Carriger, Diana Pho, Fonda Lee
Location: 210E SJCC
One of the key advantages that SFF has is allowing us to tip the real world to the side to expose the interconnective tissue. This is often a powerful lens for Young Adult authors. It allows them to obscure issues with fantastic set dressing. Our panelists look at what that skewed lens offers, be it fantasy, science fiction, steampunk or other genres. How does it affect the stories they can tell and the audiences they can attract? What are some of the best ways to leverage the skewed lens of SFF for a Young Adult audience?

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3:00-3:45pm Autographing

4:00-6:00pm Gail Hosts Teatime for Borderlands
Borderlands Suite, Fairmont Hotel
Inquire at the Borderlands Books booth in Convention Dealer’s Room for details or watch Gail’s Twitter/Facebook.

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Sunday, August 19

11:00am-noon Kaffeeklatsch
San Jose Convention Center, 211B1

2:00pm Spy-Fi: Secret Agents, Fantasy, and Science Fiction
Location: 210G SJCC
Panelists: Gerardo Horacio Porcayo, Gail Carriger, Derek McCaw, Linda Wenzelberger, Rudy Rucker
Spy-fi is a genre of fiction that combines espionage themes with science fiction, often in the form of gadgets and spy devices. Characters (often but not always spies) become embroiled in a world of adventure and espionage, where they struggle against the agents of an opposing power, which may be something as realistic as a foreign government or as fanciful as a diabolical mastermind. Technology is ultra-modern for the time and place of the setting, and it is often disguised as innocuous objects.
We will review both literature and film, ranging from fanciful (Moonraker) to humorous (Get Smart) to realistic (I Spy) to parody (Austin Powers).

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Schedule in short?

Speaking of conventions, here’s a fun photo of my rainbow badge from my last event the Romance Writers of America (RWA) National Convention…

I’ve been asked to explain what they mean, here it is…

  1. PAN – Professional Author Network, a branch of RWA requiring a certain number of sales
  2. SPEAKER – I was on a workshop panel presentation thingy
  3. YARWA – The YA segment of RWA
  4. FIRST TIMER – This was my first time at RWA Nationals
  5. RWA HONOR ROLL – Another branch of RWA requiring a certain number of accolades
  6. HISTORICAL – I sort of belong to this category of romance.
  7. YOUNG ADULT – I definitely belong to this category of books.
  8. LBGTQ + ROMANCE – I definitely belong to this category of romance.
  9. PARANORMAL – I sort of belong to this category of romance.
  10. PLOTTER – I am a writer who works off outlines most of the time.

With my AWESOME author BFF Lea Kirk at RWA Nationals

Yours in busy planning and packing,

Miss Gail

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  • Coop de Book for August is A Duke by Default by Alyssa Cole. This couple reminds me of a contemporary Conall & Alexia. (Discussion here.


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