The Truth About Author Rebecca Hunter (Interview)

My dearest Gentle Reader, please welcome the lovely Rebecca Hunter to the blog today. I invited her round for virtual tea and chatting. Rebecca is an active member for my local RWA chapter and an all around good egg…

Rebecca Hunter is the award-winning author of sensual, emotional adventures of the heart. She spends her days writing romance novels set in foreign locations to stave off bouts of wanderlust. After their most recent move from Sweden back to the San Francisco Bay Area, she and her husband assured each other they’ll never move again. Well, probably not.

About you, the Author!

Tea or coffee and how do you take it?

Coffee with milk, preferably in large quantities.

Please describe your personal style for author appearances.

I’m a dress kind of gal, and I wear them almost every day, author event or otherwise. Someone recently told me that I look so sweet and nice, but my books…aren’t.

Maybe I need to go shopping for racier dresses?

If I were to observe the writer beast in its native environment, what surprising thing might I see? What does the environment look like?

We live in a little bungalow, so naturally, my writing space is tiny. It’s in what I think was meant to be the breakfast nook of our kitchen (= great access to snacks!). But recently, when writing a first draft, I’ve been experimenting with dictation. My favorite spot? My bed. Quite comfortable.

If you could travel in any type of conveyance, what would it be?

A horse-drawn sleigh through the snow, I think. Though this might be the kind of thing that’s more fun in my imagination than in reality.

From Anne of Green Gables

No deviating: vanilla or chocolate ice cream on a plain or a sugar cone?
(Gail will use this to determine your level of sanity.)

Chocolate ice cream. Sugar cone. Other additions not allowed in this answer.
(Entirely sane.)

What’s most likely to make you laugh?

My husband. In a good way, of course…

Since writers inevitably end up in the bar, what’s your poison?

Red wine and an occasional Rusty Nail, the latter more out of family tradition than taste preference.

About Your Book: Best Laid Plans

What should readers eat while consuming your novel?

Vegemite. Or, if you’re feeling even more adventurous, you could go for a Coat of Arms pizza, topped with emu, crocodile and kangaroo meats. Unnamed members of our family have tried this delicacy and lived to tell about it.

What form does evil take within its pages?

Powerful fathers. But good news: they make for sexy, brooding sons.

Which one of your characters would you most want to kiss and why?

Cameron, the hero. He’s gruff, funny, and great in bed—a great combination for a hot kiss.

What’s your favorite period in history and does it influence your world building?

Truthfully, it’s hard for me to think too much about previous periods in history without getting caught up in what life was like for your average Josephine: infant mortality rates, overall health care, position of women/“other” in society, etc. For this reason, while I’m intrigued by different historical periods, I stick to writing books with contemporary settings.

But I just wrote up a quick proposal that features an archeologist heroine who discovers remains from an ancient Minoan-like society, so we’ll see where that goes.

(Gail is very excited about this and volunteers to make sure the archaeology is done correctly.)

Which one of your characters would you most like to slap and why?

Max Jensen, one of the principals at Blackmore Inc., comes off as an obnoxious womanizer, so in this book I’d love to slap him. Of course, it makes writing the woman who brings Max to his knees in book #3 all the more fun!

Without spoilers, what’s the funnest (or funniest) part of the book?

Best Laid Plans begins with a no-names, one-night stand. The next day, the two characters unexpectedly meet again under much different circumstances. I loved writing this awkward morning-after-ish scene as both Cameron and Jackson try to get a handle on the situation.

If your story smelled of something, what would that be?

The salty breeze of the Sydney Harbour. Maybe a whiff of gasoline from the engine of the private boat you’re riding on.

Blurb: Best Laid Plans

A case of mistaken identity leads to disaster…or exquisite temptation?

CEO Cameron Blackmore assumes the PR expert sent from New York to clean up his reputation will be a man. But Jackson McAllister is all woman—as evidenced during their no-names, strangers-in-lust, incredibly sexy one-night stand! Now Cameron and Jackson must keep their hands off each other. But with Jackson shadowing his every move in the boardroom can they forget their time in the bedroom?

Final Thoughts

There you have it, my darlings. Not normally the kind of book we have here on the blog but I’m branching out! I’m hoping this offering meets with greater success than the last contemporary I picked for the Coop de book, which appears to have been a unalloyed failure. Sigh.

Yours in chronic new read discovery,

Miss Gail

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