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Hello Gentle Reader,

Happy 2023, long time no type!

I am shocked and honored not only by how many downloaded the all books checklist.

I hope you enjoy the list and find a few bookish hugs that you didn’t know about.  

I have exciting plans for 2023.

I hope to write one new book in an existing series, one nonfiction, and publish all 3 books in my fun sci-fi Tinkered Starsong series. 2023 should be a busy year full of goodies.

I’ll be chatting a bit more on the FB Live next weekend about all of this. 

Random things I love right now?


Miss Gail 

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  • Vixen Ecology ~ Short story featuring Mana & Lovejoy, follow up to The Enforcer Enigma, is available to Chirrup members as a digital exclusive. If you sign up you will get a link to buy and download as you go through the confirmation process. It’s a short story so in digital ONLY. Why?


The Delightfully Deadly omnibus

DDO Delightfully Deadly Omnibus Numbered Cloth Sub Press

Subterranean put the very last of the Delightfully Deadly stock up for sale ($65), I think there are about 10 left now. This is an omnibus of all 3 of the Delightfully Deadly books which are available separately in all other formats.  

Gail’s Daily Tea Party

Tisane of Nifty 

The Tilting Parasol header Edwardian

Writerly Tincture 

Ambush or Adore tissues packet

Readers voted this book the most likely to make them cry, so I decided to amuse myself at your expense.

All authors are at least a little bit evil.

Yes, me too.

Book Nibble 

9 Young Adult Fantasy Series Series with Excellent Audiobooks 

Quote to Sip 

Soulless Quote Maccon Kiss


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