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Gail Carriger Teacup Blue Purple Flower Dress White Cardy TurbanGail is considering offering an “everything Gail” for $20 a month. This option is currently NOT happening.

The idea is: Every time a Gail thing releases, that she controls, (print, digital, audio, tea, bookmarks, other swag) you get it. Print would be signed. To include physical items this model would have to be USA only. As she updates digital backlist, she would ALSO send those your way.

This would also be run via Gumroad. Not sure if anyone would like this? But it would need a separate sign-up, the one listed here would not work for it.

It’s only an idea at the moment, since it’s logistically very complicated.

Please drop Gail a calling card if you have thoughts to share? If there is interest, we will consider it.

Support Gail’s Tea Habit

Special Patronage Option in Non-Fiction

Join the SOOTS (Secret Order of Tea Supporters). This is a monthly reoccurring tip, using the model of Victorian patronage.

If you would like to regularly support Miss Gail & her various literary endeavors this is a simple option. It’s set at $2 a month and you can opt for more, if you’re feeling particularly generous.

Honestly, Gail is a little nervous about this. She feels that simply buying her books is more than enough! She writes them for you to read. And if you buy them, read them, and enjoy them? Dear heart, that is a contract fulfilled (so far as she is concerned).

But kind supporters have emailed to say, that they do it simply because they want to help Gail continue creating.

“Even if it’s just the in between times with Chirrups, blogs, or lives.”

And since people have asked, Gail decided she’d give you an option of acting, basically, like a Victorian “patron of the arts.” This support will help the authorbeast keep writing, and feel less anxious and more secure. Book income alone, alas, is all too often unpredictable, erratic, or insufficient. Your generosity is humbling and very much appreciated.

You get Gail’s eternal gratitude, but there is no obligation on her behalf. This isn’t a Patreon model, so there is no product or tiers or anything attached.

  • Payment is reoccurring via Gumroad.
  • Can be cancelled via your Gumroad account at any time.
  • Gail or her assistant might be able to refund the last payment but probably not further back than that. (We haven’t tried yet, so we don’t know.)
  • Payment on your cc bill will name/include “Gumroad” not Gail Carriger.

If you’d like to simply  leave Gail a one time tip you can do that by opting to pay extra on any of her freebees:

(And yes, Gail noticed a few of you already figured this out and is floored by your kindness.)