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The Heroine’s Journey Book


By request, Gail has written a non-fiction book based on her most popular seminar. Coming soon!

The Heroine’s Journey

For Writers, Readers, and Pop Culture DilettantesĀ 

What is the Heroine’s Journey? How is it different from the Hero’s Journey? What makes Harry Potter different from Star Wars?

New York Times bestselling author Gail Carriger uses her comedic style to expose the mythological foundation of one of the most joyful and powerful narrative structures we have access to as storytellers. She teaches you to identify it, write it, and use it to fix your story.

Guaranteed to make you look at plot structure in popular culture differently for the rest of your life.

Go behind the scenes to explore hidden messages. Learn hacks and tips to improve your writing and make it more commercially viable. Gain insight into under-studied narrative arcs and modern market desires.

Take control of your narrative while redefining notions of strength and identity. This book will change how you write, read, watch, interact, and think about genre fiction and the world around you.

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