Professor Randolph Lyall, Character Study (Special Extras)

“Professor Lyall, the Beta in question, was a slight, sandy-haired gentleman of indeterminate age and pleasant disposition, as agreeable, in fact, as his Alpha was sour. He grinned at her and doffed his hat, which was of first class design and sensible material. His cravat was similarly subtle for, while it was tied expertly, the knot was a humble one.”
~ from Soulless

“There was an awful thud of fur-covered flesh, and the two scrabbled against one another, claws and teeth ripping. The white wolf was bigger, but it presently became clear that the smaller wolf possessed greater speed and cunning. He used the other’s size against him. In a matter of moments, the smaller wolf had twisted about and taken a clean firm death grip on Major Channing’s throat.”

~ from Changeless

Professor Lyall looked modestly proud. “I am considered a bit of an expert on the procreative practices of Ovis orientalis aries.”
~ from Blameless

“Well, given the general foulness of food while floating, that could simply have been a coincidence.” Professor Lyall removed his spectacles and began to clean the clear lenses with a spotless white handkerchief.
“Oh, Professor Lyall, are you making a funny? It doesn’t suit you.”

~ teaser from Heartless

Original Notes
Angular vulpine face
Sandy hair
Hazel eyes
Fond of steampunk gadgetry, often tinkering with soem new invention
Has been Beta to three Alphas
Older than any other Woolsey Pack member
c. 300 years old or so
Waistcoat of plenty
Lt. Colonel in Coldsteam Guards of 50 years
Lord Akeldama calls him Dolly

Pale yellow eyes
Sandy Fur
Small & fox like
Very quick and cunning
Hates to fight
“Best nose of any of us.”

Professor Lyall is a bit of an enigma. His motives, however, are clear, he will do anything for the pack he loves.

Here is a collection of images that remind me of Professor Lyall.

Quote of the Day:

“Tea has been one of saviors of mankind. I verily believe that, but for the introduction of tea and coffee, Europe might have drunk itself to death.”

~ Sir James Crichton-Browne

Book to read if you love Lyall:

Romancing The Werewolf Free PDF

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