Confession Time from Gail Carriger

Just because I feel like being terribly droll here is a list of silly confessions . . .

Weird Gail Carriger Confessions

  • I like adverbs and I think they are much maligned in the popular press.
  • I talk to animals as if they understand. To the robin, “My, aren’t you handsome?” To the cat, “You got problems.” To the barking dog, “You’re not impressing anyone.”
  • I find bureaucratic inefficiency more irritating than anything else in life. Except maybe that jiggly leg thing, argh!
  • I have the smallest bladder of any grown woman. I secretly believe I was subjected to covert government experimentation and there is a mouse somewhere with my badder that never has to pee.
  • The thing about me that the AB finds most impressive is my ability to slice bread perfectly straight. Seriously. (My mum also swears she and my father divorced because she can’t cut bread properly.)
  • I’m currently infatuated with real French macarons.
  • I loathe Venetian blinds. What happened to good, old fashioned, curtains? Or better, shutters?
  • I have trouble remembering to drink water.
  • I did karate for three years and had the best spin kick in the class but gave it up when my then-boyfriend joined as I couldn’t stand sparing with someone I kissed.
  • I have very strict doughnut protocols. My doughnut of choice is a French crueler. If they don’t have it, I will walk out sans doughnut and feel very proud of my self-control.
  • Yes, I am as obsessed with tea as you think I am. I own 6 teapots, 3 electric kettles, 2 tea cozies, 24 mugs, around 40 teacups and saucers collected for over 20 years mostly from thrift stores ~ The Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition uses my collection for their tearoom. This assortment is currently scattered between 4 houses (friend’s and relations).
  • The first full sentence I ever wrote was: my dad is always dusty and my mom is always dirty. (My dad is a carpenter and my mum a gardener.)
  • I like cheap sweet champagne, mid range full bodied red wines, and very expensive fruity whites.
  • If I don’t write it down, I won’t remember. No, really.
  • I’ll eat or drink anything three times, on the theory that it hasn’t been prepared right the first two. This means I’ve consumed guinea pig, alpaca, most animal innards, bathtub gin, homemade chicha, every exotic fruit I can get my hands on, and lots of cheese.
  • My favorite thing in life is to have friends over, feed them, and laugh.

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