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Finishing School Educator’s Guide

Books 1-4 in  Series

This is a FREE .pdf Educator’s Guide for Gail Carriger’s Finishing School series, intended for use by teachers, librarians, and home schools.

It is free, just use the “Buy pdf” button and enter $0 at checkout.


This guide is aligned with the 9-10 standards for literature.

If you chose to pay something for this product Gail will donate the proceeds to an education-based charity, like Pencils of Promise.

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  • Reading Literature analysis.
  • Craft & Structure analysis.
  • Speaking & Listening analysis.
  • Series discussion guide.

INCLUDED for EACH of the four books:

  • Pre-reading and research guides and forms.
  • 20+ question discussion guide.
  • Character development table.
  • Vocabulary chart and discussion guide.

Additional resources?

Gail’s articles, thoughts, and special behind the scenes extra information on the FInishing School series.