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Dear Lord Akeldama & Parasolverse Ephemera

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Being a collection of vampire advice columns, silly steampunk philosophical treatises, and deleted scenes from the Parasol Protectorate and more!

This is not a book. This is not a story. This is a compendium of extras and appendices for lovers of the Parasolverse. You see, upon occasion the vampire, Lord Akeldama, hijacks Miss Gail’s blog and turns it into an advice column to take reader’s questions. 

Alexia worried her lower lip. “I simply must speak with Lord Akeldama.” 

Miss Hisselpenny looked, if possible, even more worried. “Oh really, must you? He is so very outrageous.” 

~ from Soulless

In this slender digital-only volume you will find the following: 

Part the first ~ a collection of 10 years worth of the Good Vampire’s advice including on such wide ranging topics as fashion, relationships, food, travel, culture, and identity. 

Part the second ~ a collection of bits and bobs related specifically to Lord Akeldama. 

Part the third ~ a series of short essays, intellectual salon style, on such topics as shoehorning the paranormal into a steampunk world; vampire quandaries; and how Victorian world building elements work in the Parasolverse. 

Part the fourth ~ deleted scenes with various favorite characters from the Parasol Protectorate, Finishing School, and  Custard Protocol series. 

Delicate sensibilities?

Expect excessive use of italics. 

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All the “Dear Lord Akeldama” posts originally appeared on Miss Gail’s blog and you can still read them online (and all about this book) under the akeldama tag.

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