The Desk of A Writer

For no particularly good reason, Gentle Reader, today’s blog is about my desk and what’s on it and what this may say about my character.

On the right side of the computer we see…

  • 1. Stacks of notebooks, one for each book. Each acts has a file for useful information to prevent continuity errors and contain laws of the world. This is to makes sure things like eye color don’t inexplicably change. (This author is organized and slightly OCD, but not enough to have placed this information into an Excel spreadsheet. Do not leave this author alone with a disorganized bookcase, she will arrange all books by something utterly useless – like color or temporal setting.)
  • 2. Purple wine glass, made by a friend, catches drip from leaky window. (This author is not very handy with installing things like AC units. Keep this author away from mechanical objects as much as possible.)
  • 3. Pot of pens, binder clips, and scissors. (Unnecessary number of sharpies, speaks to author’s need for permanence?)
  • 4. Egg shaped egg timer, set to 20 minutes, at which point I must stop, stand up and stretch for carpel tunnel reasons. (Author will loose track of time and may damage herself as a result.)
  • 5. AC. (Probably exists to prevent author form retreating to coffee shops and spending copiously on iced lattes on hot days.)
  • 6. H2O. (Author requires presence of object in line-of-sight in order to engage in practical activities, such a drinking water.)
  • 7. Processing stack: notes for blog, cuttings for Brass Needles, snail mail correspondences, and long term to-do list. (Author would forget her own head if it were not firmly attached.)
  • 8. Currently reading review book. (Author’s subconscious reminding her that there are reviews to write whether she likes it or not.)
  • 9. Snacky bits. (Author is convinced only chocolate will get her over the rough parts.)
  • 10. Notes for Blameless or current writing project. (Author is not as organized as she likes to think she is.)
  • 11. Infamous Red Pen of Doom. (Author is overly fond of eviscerating her own work – possible indication of untapped self-critical inclinations?)

On the other side of the computer we see…

  • A collection of scrap paper and notes on the current book. (Author commits dangerous and erratic acts of notation: leaping off treadmill, scribbling well into wee hours of the night, sticking out dripping arm from shower, and even, sometimes, writing while driving. Should author die unexpectedly, one of these notes is probably to blame.)

Note that there is no cup of tea present. I must go rectify this immediately!

Gail’s Daily Dose
Your Infusion of Cute:
How did I not know about Star Trek: Odyssey. Yeah it’s cheesy but surprisingly good for fan vid and it’s more Star Trek.
Your Tisane of Smart:
Because sometimes the truth is, in fact, stranger than fiction.
Sonkajärvi hosts the Wife Carrying World Championships. Prizes include, among other things, the wife’s weight in beer.
Your Writerly Tinctures:
Etiquette and International Protocol Expert who knew there was a job for this? I’ve missed my calling. This is still a good video for most authors of my acquaintance.

Quote of the Day:
“There are many reasons why novelists write – but they all have one thing in common: a need to create an alternative world.”
~ John Fowles


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