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Dome 6

Tinkered Starsong Book 3 in Tinkered Stars Universe

Saving the unwilling with song, one planet at a time. 

New York Times bestselling author Gail Carriger brings you the thrilling conclusion to her Tinkered Starsong trilogy in which the true purpose of the divinity is revealed at last. 

Can a group of performers take on an entire alien species? Do they want to, if the price of the truth is their own popularity and the safety of billions? 

Phex, Missit, and their pantheons are the most popular gods in the galaxy and the aliens will stop at nothing to keep them singing. But with great fame comes great responsibility. As Phex finally understands the consequences of the music he produces, he is forced to choose between being a god and destroying humanity.

If you could sing peace into the bones of the universe, would you? Even if no one wanted salvation? 

Ender’s Game but make it Kpop in the final installment of the Tinkered Starsong trilogy (follows Divinity 36 and Demigod 12) in which the mystery of the Dyesi is finally uncovered.

The Tinkered Starsong series is now complete. Dome 6 is the last book. There is no cliffhanger.

Dear Gentle Reader,

I do hope you enjoy this final installment of Phex’s journey. Among other things you’ll get to visit a couple alien planets while he explores the power of art, celebrity, found family, and soup ladles.

Seriously though, the right shaped spoon is a really emotionally foundational pillar of my life.
I’m sure you understand… and I know Phex does.

Miss Gail

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