Locus Awards, Website Update, & Balticon Schedule

Gentle Reader, I am most excited to report that

I’m a Locus Awards Finalist!


In less exciting news, I’ve updated my website’s Alexia’s London page with DVD extras from Changeless, now that the book has been out for a month or so. This includes my sketch of The Parasol, one section of description, and a cute little bit between Lyall, Channing, and Biffy that ended up slowing the pace too much to be included in the print version. It begins as follows:

Channing crossed his arms. “I would have been just as effective.”
“Yes, but Biffy was a safer choice.”
Biffy looked mildly offended.
“If he was caught it would be thought an inter-vampire plot, if you were caught it would be considered an inter-species plot.”

I’ve also put my full schedule for Balticon up on the website, in the Upcoming Sightings section.

The Bibliophile Stalker says,

“Well, to be honest, I stayed up late just so that I could finish it. In the case of genres, I’m usually confused by Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance but in the case of Soulless, I’d gladly conclude that this book falls under both, and throw in Steampunk for good measure.”

Lily says,

“Furthermore, Ms. Carriger has enabled me to enjoy steampunk more than I had ever anticipated I would. I can barely contain my anticipation for the third book in the series Blameless (rightly named, I think), which is due to be out this coming September.”

Quote of the Day:

“The two most engaging powers of an author are, to make new things familiar, and familiar things new.”

~ Samuel Johnson

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