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10 Things That YOU Did That Made Me Happy in 2019

Gentle Reader, here’s a small sample of things relating to you lovelies that I really enjoyed last year! Teaching the Heroine’s Journey for Writers. I forgot what a delight it is to teach a subject I love to students who are genuinely interested. I’ll never get over the sensation of watching students’ eyes shine when […]

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Soulless’s Birthday, Stories From A Book’s Misspent Youth

Soulless is having its birthday today, Gentle Reader! Thought I might share a few of my most fun, and most silly stories revolving around the launch of my very first book, some decade or more ago now! I know, right? Shortly after Soulless came out, through no fault of mine, World Fantasy Convention came to […]

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The Great 2019 Parasolverse Read Along Schedule & Guide!

ENDED! But you’re always welcome to do this yourself. So the Parasol Protectorate Facebook Group voted, and the Coop de Book (along with them) are doing a massive Parasolverse read along for 2019, Gentle Reader. I’ll keep pace here in the blog, in the Facebook Fan Group, on Twitter, and with the Chirrup. Skye will try […]

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How to Throw a Book Launch Tea Party

Dearest Gentle Reader, Romancing the Werewolf is right around the corner. And it lands on a Sunday. Do you know what that means? High Tea! Here’s a sample of how to throw a high tea in honor of this or any other Parasolverse book (or any other book at all, I suppose)… Invitation You are […]

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Miss Gail Is Away On Writing Retreat

My darling Gentle Reader, I am currently away from home in a super secret location (floating in a dirigible high above the clouds, of course) typing away on a two week writing retreat. I’m not entirely sure yet what I will be working on, but I promise to coo all about it in the Chirrup […]

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Singapore 2016: The City & The Light

So after the Singapore Writers Festival, the AB and I spent a week puttering about Singapore itself. This is my standard procedure. Whenever I accept an invitation to go abroad (which I usually only do once a year) the AB and I try to piggyback a vacation on it. (AB’s job not-with-standing, which is one of […]

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