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What can one author accomplish in a year? 2019 in a nutshell

What one professional author accomplished in one year… I mainly do these posts for accountability reasons, Gentle Reader. They really won’t be interesting unless you are super nosy. But for the nosy amongst you, here is what I did to stay afloat emotionally, mentally, and fiscally in 2019… Gail Carriger’s 2019 I continued working with […]

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Resources For Victorian Food & Tea From Gail Carriger (Special Extras)

Let’s talk about one of my favorite things, Gentle Reader, Victorian FOOD! Here’s all things… Victorian Food Planning a Traditional Victorian Dinner Party & A Victorian Meal in Modern Times Stocking Your Victorian Kitchen, 1888 How the Victorians Describe Italian Food Weird Victorian Recipe Moment – Sweet Macaroni Pudding In Which Tamora Pierce Has Victorian Breakfast […]

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Gail Carriger is at WorldCon in San Jose, California

My dear Gentle Reader, I am at WorldCon in San Jose this week and weekend. I have a pretty light schedule so I’ll be wandering around socializing and chatting and drinking lots of tea. If you want to know specifically where to find me… Thursday, August 16 3:00-4:00pm Carriger & Adina Talk Steampunk (tea and […]

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Competence is Alive! Launch Events in Denver & More!

Tomorrow (today for some lucky ducks) Competence hits the world! Gentle Reader, I do hope you enjoy getting Primrose’s perspective on life aboard the Spotted Custard. I believe you ought, she is quite a hoot, and as near to an Alexia style character as I have written (since Alexia). USA Hardcover Edition Amazon | B&N  USA […]

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Gail Is At Phoenix Comic Con

My darlings! I am currently off swanning about Phoenix Comic Fest. It’s my first time at this event so I am a little nervous. Do come and say hi, if you are planning on going? I need to see friendly faces. Even if you can’t come there’s this: Phoenix Comic Fest Interviews Gail Carriger Here […]

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Gail Carriger Invades Denmark (20 Minute Delay)

First, thank you all so much for your support of my new book, Romancing the Werewolf. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see people talk about it and show picture of it on ereaders all around the world. And on that note… I just returned from a trip to Denmark (I might have stealth […]

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San Diego Comic Con – The Return of Gail

The last time I went to San Diego Comic Con was also the first time I went to any Comic Con. Back in 2012 it was utterly overwhelming. It’s gotten even more overwhelming. Nevertheless it was a feast for all things, eyes, nose, ears, and feet. Memorable moments of the con, L-R, T-B: 1. Tea (a […]

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