10 Things Gail Hates That Everyone Else Loves

For the sake of nothing else but my own amusement, Gentle Reader, here’s a list featuring the ten things I really do not like that everyone else seems to adore…

  1. Jets/bubbles on in hot tubs (those Jacuzzi brothers have a lot to answer for)
  2. Earl Grey Tea
  3. Firm mattresses
  4. Too many choices at a restaurant
  5. Designer labels
  6. Christmas music
  7. Mood lighting
  8. Puffy pillows
  9. Naps
  10. High tech fabrics

Bonus, 4 things Miss Carriger doesn’t mind that everyone else seems to hate…

  1. Long flights
  2. Short books
  3. Spreadsheets
  4. Color coding

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Posted by Gail Carriger

9 Responses

  1. Mary Woodward said:

    I like Earl Grey but have found that I like Twinnings Lady Grey better. Having a Irish father he had his cuppa every morning and after dinner. My Italian mother couldn’t tolerate coffee (I’m the same, upsets my stomach just like her) so she would share his tea breaks every day. As for the rest of the list I can need a firm mattress due to back problems, love Christmas music, and am at that age when I due enjoy a nap in the afternoon. The rest I can take or leave.

  2. Michael said:

    Ahmed’s English Tea #2 has an Earl-Greyish taste, but sugar balances out the bergamot.

  3. Wendy Callahan said:

    I am so glad to see I am not the only person who dislikes Earl Grey (sorry, Captain Picard!) or naps (they make me even drowsier). Now I feel a little less alone in the world. 😀

  4. Richard Dengrove said:

    The only thing I can really disagree with are naps. At seventy-two, I need my naps.

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