Defy or Defend Launch Party (Video)

In which I read for you from my new book, Defy or Defend. Dimity’s story, Gentle Reader, here at last!

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In this video I spend the first 15 minutes reading from Defy or Defend so you can hear what it sounds like in my head and then there’s a Q&A.

I drop some hints about the audio for this book, characters from other books making appearances, and what’s going on with Enforcer Enigma and Heroine’s Journey releases.


Non-fiction book suggestions?

Defy DD Tea Pastry Champagne Launch

Questions answered!

  • How many teacups are in my office?
  • How about that survey of future writing projects? Am I writing anything off of it?
  • What terrifies me about the writing process?
  • Favorite and least favorite characters to write?
  • How do I pick Beta readers?
  • Would I do a fairy tale retelling?
  • Are people reading more right now?
  • Who would I write FanFic for?

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Links & Fashion of Note

Yours (still rather frantic),

Miss Gail

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Defy or Defend, a new Delightfully Deadly book featuring Dimity!

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Direct from me?

Dimity, London’s cheerfullest spy, must fix a broken vampire hive while a gentle soldier tries to keep her safe. A charming makeover story set in the popular Parasolverse.

It’s a battle for survival… and wallpaper!

Rally the Readers says:

Defy or Defend was perfect from beginning to end: the romance, the mission to save the hive, the friends from other Parasolverse stories, and as always with Gail Carriger’s books, the humor!”

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