Ambush or Adore Launch Party + Future Plans (Video)

Dearest Gentle Reader,

My recent live video Q&A all about Ambush or Adore plus future plans for the different series and an absolutely traumatic story in which my laptop is DESTROYED by one very guilty cup of milk. (Yes there WAS tea involved, why do you ask?)

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This video is ostensibly about AMBUSH OR ADORE. But you know me, and you know you, we derailed pretty quickly onto other more gossipy things.

Ambush or Adore is a spin off from the Finishing School series about Agatha.

Links of Note

I was asked about the lipstick I was wearing, it was part of this collection.

I have three, count them 3, back up drives here they are:

I also do my rough draft writing on Scrivener which automatically backs up to the cloud. I also have the iOS version which it what I use with my iPad on the go as you see here:

Gail's on the go writers set up

So no writing was lost in the hard nosed destruction of my poor laptop.

My remote writing set up is:

Yours still typing despite the computer crisis,

Miss Gail 

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Ambush or Adore: Delightfully Deadly #3 – AGATHA’S BOOK

AoA Ambush or Adore ebook DD Delightfully Deadly free download


Direct from me?

London’s best and most covert spy tries to escape the man who has always adored her. Out October 1, 2021

Upcoming Scribbles?

  • I have a fun techno-fantasy in production, about a world where magic only works when you’re dating someone, and the boy who falls in love with the wrong person.
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“When the going gets tough, the tough get a librarian.”

~ Joan Bauer

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