20+ Independent Bookstores Who Carry ALL My Books (including indie & self published)

Gentle reader, want to buy Miss Gail’s books and still support a local independent bookstore? Here is a list of supportive awesome bookstores who have carried (and hopefully will carry) all of my books, not just the traditionally published ones.

Where CAN I get Gail Carriger Books in Print?

Generally speaking, if you got the previous book in the series there, then you should be able to get the next one the same way. Ask the store to “order it from Ingram” and when in doubt give the ISBN, which for a new release is always listed on my presskit page.

If you want to support local, here is short list of bookstores (in alphabetical order) who have regularly offered my indie projects to their customers in the past.

  1. Books Inc (San Francisco Bay Area)
  2. Bookshop Santa Cruz – always has a good selection of Gail stuff (my old hometown bookstore!)
  3. Bookshop West Portal (San Francisco) – call the shop, they are lovely and happy to ship: 415-564-8080
  4. Copperfield’s (Northern California) – Petaluma loves me in particular
  5. Curious Iguana (Frederick, MD) – I found out about this one because a reader posted a photo of Demigod 12 in its bag! Very nice branding.
  6. Hicklebee’s (San Jose) – this store focuses on Children’s books so they don’t always carry all my adult stuff
  7. Murder by the Book (Houston) – old friends and longtime Gail supporters
  8. Mysterious Galaxy (San Diego) – get excited and asks for ARCs, sometimes they have signed bookplates for my new releases! calling to find out is best
  9. Northshire Books (Vermont and upstate New York) free shipping over $50
  10. Page 1 Books (Albuquerque)
  11. Porter Square (Boston)
  12. Powells Books (Portland) – the Beaverton store will even stock some of my indie releases on shelves and they always have things listed online, they’ve always been big supporters of me (and SF/F) from the start of my career.
  13. Queen Anne Book Company (Seattle) – this store is ADORABLE and well worth a visit, they’re tiny but try to have my stuff in stock
  14. Ripped Bodice (LA) – women owned and big diversity supporters, stock not only my indie books but others as well, romance focused
  15. Tattered Cover (Denver) – gets excited & wants ARCs (so someone on staff is a fan – also my agent’s hometown bookstore!)
  16. University Bookstore (Seattle) – often has ALL my books signedeven the indie stuff because I was get up there in person regularly also they have bulk shipping deals AND ship international.
  17. Volumes (Chicago)
  18. Vroman’s (Pasadena)
  19. Writers Block Bookstore (Winter Park, FL)





Currently, I am not set up to sell signed editions directly myself. I am trying to figure out how to do that for you. I may put up some bookplates for newsletter subscribers. I try to do at least that when I have new book out.

This list is kept updated in my massive “Gail Talks Frankly about Print Books with her Readers” post.

Where’s the print edition? The Mess Behind Self-Publishing

Adorable indie bookstore story

From one of the charming bookstores named above, via private correspondence, so name redacted out of respect.

I was chatting with the store manager about the fact that Demigod 12 (second book in a series) was coming out and she wrote back with this story:

One day, about a month ago, a lovely lady came in asking for Divinity 36. She told the bookstore that she knew to visit them because of me!

The manager was so pleased.

She felt like, she had managed to get my book, I had managed to send her a new customer, and everyone was happy!

After all, what could make a bookstore clerk (or a librarian for that matter) happier than connecting a book with its perfect reader?

Whoever you were, mysterious lovely human, thank you!

  • Thanks for shopping local.
  • Thanks for telling the bookstore owner that I sent you.
  • Thanks for making 2 of us very happy.

I hope that Divinity 36 made you happy.

So if you do decide to visit one of the bookshops on this list in person, tell them I sent you? Okay? It makes both of us so happy.

For those of you who have no local bookstore, who read digitally, or get my books elsewhere and elsewise, I am so grateful you take the time, and have the patience, to track down my work no matter where or how.

You keep me writing, you really do.

Meanwhile here’s some fun photos of me over the years doing launch evens at Indie bookstores!

Yours (destined to languish in transit),

Miss Gail 

Here’s a printable Downloadable Checklist of ALL my books!

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Divinity 36: Tinkered Starsong Book 1



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