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Gail's non-fiction projects include various author presentations & workshops, the heroine's journey, and a travel podcast.

Praise for Non-Fiction

The first book on writing structure that's ever truly resonated for me and made sense of the way my favorite stories work. I've thought back to this book so many times since reading it, and I know I'll be reading it again!

Stephanie Burgis (Author of The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart ) about The Heroine's Journey

Okay, look...I'm not sure how you can just rewire my brain to see the heorine’s jouney like this and then expect me to make coherent, thought-out comments about the text when all I want to do is hold it in my twisted little grip while I shove it at people screaming like a madman and pointing at passages, but I guess that’s what I’m going to do.

Author Beta Reader on The Heroine's Journey

A lot of educators are going to be very interested in this. The heroine's journey narrative structure aligns with positive parenting and the anti-bullying programs' goals and techniques. Their preferred stories emphasize team building and non violent conflict resolution. Understanding that this is a long standing historical and culturally relevant narrative structure will help them find more stories that resonate with their programs, and help defend the programs from more patriarchal critics.

Janis Wrighton on The Heroine's Journey