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Happy 2024 My Darlings! Here’s the State of Your Gail

In case you missed the Chirrup this month, Gentle Reader. It contained some fun and important things so I’m doing something I rarely do, which is rehash some of it here in the blog. Not all of it of course. The real gossip and exclusives are reserved for my subscribers. Sorry not sorry, I love […]

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10 Best Thai Food Dishes You (Probably) Don’t Know About

Today, Gentle Reader, I’m going to tackle the Thai food that no one (of my acquaintance) really talks about. Please be aware that many of these dishes contain allergens. In which your intrepid authorbeast explores nibbles in Bangkok Before we start, in case you didn’t know: I’m a truly adventurous eater. I will eat anything […]

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10 Random Things Making Me Happy Right Now

I’ve concocted a list of 10 things that make me happy and might help you. Many of them are free (or I offer free alternatives). Over on the Parasol Protectorate Group, Gentle Reader, I put a Chirrup Special to the vote. As you can see: stuff making me happy narrowly lost out to books making […]

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Miss Gail Cooks with Tea: Pumpkin Chai Tiramisu

By request, Gentle Reader (and because you know me and tea… why not cook with it?) Here is my Pumpkin Chai Tiramisu recipe! I’m thinking of having Lovejoy cook this in one of the San Andreas Shifter books. I have already posted Isaac’s open faced omelet which is in The Omega Objection. Pumpkin Chai Tiramisu INGREDIENTS […]

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Winter Drinks + Books Pairings, Getting Cozy to Read

Dearest Gentle Reader, It’s finally winter round these parts, we even got some rain at last. It’s cold enough to want to curl up with a hot beverage and a book, so I thought I would have some fun and pair mine up. (Let me know if you agree with my choices?) Gail Carriger Book […]

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Gail Carriger & Madame Askew Talk Tea (Video)

Miss Gail Welcomes Madame Askew for her very first Co-live! I hope you enjoy this, Gentle Reader, we dive deep into TEA! Links you might want after watching this! Madame Askew’s Page The ladies sample 2018 Supreme High Mountain Jin Xuan Milk Oolong (thanks Sally!) Apparently you drink oolong 2x, with two rounds of water. […]

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Tidbits & Behind the Scenes Research for Reticence

So here’s some bits and bobs I researched for Reticence! I don’t think these are very spoiler-y but if you are super worried you might want to save this to read after you’ve finished the book. These are things, Gentle Reader, that may assist with comprehension but are not at all necessary. Party Inspiration For […]

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