Where’s The Audiobook? Occasional FAQ

Dear Gentle Reader, this blog is part of my occasional FAQ series being comprised of questions I get a lot and would like to answer here in depth.

So what is today’s question?

Where is the Audiobook of Gail’s Parasolverse Novella or San Andreas Book?

It doesn’t matter which story you’re looking for, if you can’t find it by clicking on the audiobook buy button on that book’s website page (and if you can’t, that button may have brought you here *waves*) then this is what is going on…

Know this first:

  1. Audiobooks are costly to do well, and I only want to produce quality product. Therefore, I’m careful about investing in production.
  2. Audiobooks are time consuming for everyone, so it’s highly unlikely one will ever drop at the same time as one of my novella ebooks.
  3. Voice talent is not easy to find. Gail will only use high quality voice actors.

So where is it?

The story you are looking for may be in production. Sign up the Chirrup to find out exactly when it releases. Sure, you can follow me on Twitter or whatever, but you’re more likely than not to miss the announcement. The Chirrup goes out only once a month. I will never spam you or give your email to anyone else.

Audiobook Buy Button

If the story you are looking for has no Audiobook buy button then currently I’ve no plans to produce it in audio.


Because it did not make enough money as a print/ebook to warrant the expense. If people don’t want to read it then likely they really won’t want to listen to it. I know you may want to, but you’re obviously unique.

Other FAQs

Will you be using the same voice actress as the Parasol Protectorate (Emily) or Finishing School/Custard Protocol books (Moira)?

No. I would love to but, both are high end professional voice actresses with multiple contracts for existing books. They do not have the time (nor do I have the money) . However, if I find a voice actress I like, who is comfortable with my range of accents, then I will likely use her multiple times.

Will you ever use a male voice actor?

Yes. For those books which have all/mostly male POV characters.

Will you read/record your own books?

No. (See the part about high quality and professional. I am neither.)

Will you ever use an American voice actor?

Yes. For those stories with an American main character.

Miss Gail, I want to do eeet! I can voice act with the best of ’em.

Do you have a reel? Do you have a professional voice acting website with contract information? How good is your accent range? Are your recording instruments high quality? Do you have a studio? Will you work for hire (flat fee)? Are your rates competitive?

Answer yes to ALL of the above questions? Then you can contact me through the calling card feature on my website. However, I have a producer and he still has the final say.


Will you do any full cast audio (like Crudrat) or use multiple voice actors for multiple POVs?


But I REALLY WANT the book on audio, how about crowd funding it?

No. That’s exponentially more work on the back end and while I enjoyed my Kickstarter experience with Crudrat, I am not inclined to do it again. Ever. Sorry.

Where’s the Audiobook of Gail’s latest Parasolverse Novel?

What you’re asking about here, is traditionally published. In the USA it comes out right around the same time as the first edition of the physical book, usually within a few days. In the UK and other English language territories it can take up to a month for the audiobook to drop.

Hidden in Pages says of Imprudence audiobook:

“The narrator does an absolutely wonderful job narrating and it was a joy to listen to. I kept finding myself creating reasons to listen to the audiobook so that I could listen to more.”

Midwest Book Review: Library Watch says of the Imprudence audiobook:

Imprudence will prove to be an enduringly popular addition to community library audio book collections and is a “must” for all science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts.”

I Am, Indeed says of the Imprudence audiobook:

“Narration for this story is provided by Moira Quirk, and she does manage to present both sides of every conversation with clarity and style: each character is distinct, the rapid-fire moments of dialogue don’t impede her forward progress, and there are appropriate pauses for breath, laughter and tension (when required).”

Herding Cats & Burning Soup reviewed the Etiquette & Espionage audiobook:

“Floating schools, mechanimals (omg I want!), vampires and werewolves and highwaymen. How to curtsy, poison guests, and spying lessons. I mean. This is what everyone learns at finishing school…right?”

More on audiobook! Are You Self-Publishing Audiobooks? Why You Should Be

{Gail’s monthly read along for December 2016 is Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins.}



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  1. Jo said:

    I am normally not an audiobook person (I in fact do prefer to do the reading aloud rather than the listening), but all this chatter about audiobooks has piqued my curiosity, and I will most definitely be dipping into the medium, to experiment if not be wholly converted.

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