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How to Marry A Werewolf Audiobook Available NOW

Audiobook of How to Marry a Werewolf is now available on Audible & Amazon Audio & iTunes! Audible | Amazon Audio | iTunes Emma Newman who narrated Romancing the Inventor stepped up to do How to Marry a Werewolf, as every I am delighted with her work. So what does this mean? How to Marry is now in […]

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Gail Carriger Interviews Author Emma Newman about Brother’s Ruin

Today, Gentle Reader please give a hearty welcome to the fantastic Emma Newman! Emma is many things: a delightful author, a fantastic narrator (I should know, she narrates many of my books including Romancing the Inventor), a stylish dresser, and a fellow tea lover. I have been interviewed on her fantastic podcast, Tea & Jeopardy (which […]

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Romancing the Inventor is an Audiobook!

I’m not going to bury the lead, darlings, because that is so not my style. Here, in all its glory is the link to buy Romancing the Inventor in audiobook form on Audible! (Also on iTunes.) Concerning Audiobooks, Tea, & Mild Peril Well my darling Gentle Reader, after scanning a bunch of articles (mostly useless) and poking some of […]

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Gail Carriger Where is the Audiobook?

Dear Gentle Reader, this blog is part of my occasional FAQ series being comprised of questions I get a lot and would like to answer in depth. Before we start! I make my audiobooks available first (in mp3) to buy and own BEFORE they go live in Audible and Apple. This offer is usually for […]

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