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Educator’s Guide

Books 1-4 in  Series

This is the .pdf Educator’s Guide for Gail Carriger’s Finishing School series, intended for use by teachers, librarians, and home schools.

It is free, just use the “Buy pdf” button and enter 0 at checkout.


This guide is aligned with the 9-10 standards for literature.

Any problems getting it, please drop Gail a calling card via her website and she will email it directly to you.

If you chose to pay something for this product Gail will donate the proceeds to an education-based charity, like Pencils of Promise.


  • Reading Literature analysis.
  • Craft & Structure analysis.
  • Speaking & Listening analysis.
  • Series discussion guide.

INCLUDED for EACH of the four books:

  • Pre-reading and research guides and forms.
  • 20+ question discussion guide.
  • Character development table.
  • Vocabulary chart and discussion guide.