Heartless Cover Release (Parasol Protectorate)

The cover for Heartless has dropped and here it is . . .

Orbit’s coverage of the occasion.

This is possibly my favorite cover, I like how light-hearted it is. Alexia looks almost coy. I think that ties into the comedy of manners side of things more strongly than some of the previous covers, of course it is also less steampunk. Now the fact that Alexia has her back to the camera and that Woolsey castle is in the background ties beautifully into the story. And of course, how can I frown when they put her in a teeny tiny puce colored bowler?

Lastly I draw your attention to a previous diatribe I had on The Curious Case of the Headless Woman in Urban Fantasy cover art, and how I really wanted my “Baby Got Bustle” tramp stamp shot. Well, Gentle Reader, I do believe I may have gotten it!

Quote of the Day:
“Never be seen in the street without gloves; and never let your gloves be of any material that is not kid or calf. Worsted of cotton gloves are unutterably vulgar.”
~ Routledge’s Etiquette for Gentlemen (c. 1850)

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