Dear Lord Akeldama ~ Lestat & Technology

Here’s our regularly scheduled fun and games with the Victorian world’s most fabulous vampire…

Sassy Gay Octopus asks: Being blond, gay, and a vampire, you must surely know that comparisons will be drawn to Anne Rice’s Lestat. What is your opinion on this? (Mine is that you are way more fabulous & sexy, and I’d much rather have you eat me up, because… well. *blushes*)

My dearest darling tentacled blossom, unlike the immortal words of those other immortals . . . There, most certainly, need not be Only One.

alastairs_piano asks: Is it rather uncomfortable for werewolves and vampires to be in near vicinity to each other? Some faint, strange supernatural repulsion, perhaps? Or even a more ordinary case of smell? Or is it simply the (usual, though certainly not universal) difference in temperament?

I understand it is all smell from the werewolf perspective and most certainly sight from ours. I mean to say, just look at the poor things, so scruffy.

Scullerym8d0182 asks: My dear Lord, first of all, so pleased to be granted an audience with your fabulous self. My question is this: are you technologically inclined and if so, are there any fashion blogs you follow, besides Miss Gail’s, of course?

Goodness me no, I have drones for that. If there’s something I need to see they show me, otherwise I’m all fingers and fangs where newfangled gadgets are concerned.

Jami asks: Let’s say the creator of such hit reality shows like Kate Plus Eight Ghosts and Jersey Shore Wolves (BTW – How do those female Jersey wolves manage to keep their poofy hair even after transforming?) comes to you with a new fashion/makeover show that he wants you to host. You get to choose the title to start with.
I shall call it, Fabulous.

You also get to choose your human co-host, but you have to choose someone from an already established makeover and/or fashion show.
Your choices are Tim Gunn from Project Runway & Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style.
Clinton Kelly from America’s What Not To Wear.
Stacy London also from America’s WNTW.
Susannah Constantine from the UK version of WNTW
Trinny Woodall from UK’s WNTW.

I rejected them all and require that horrible blond filberty Kelly female who does the morning show and washing machine advertisements. I should think we would have a lovely combative dynamic.

But it doesn’t stop there! No, seems that scientists have found a way to not only prevent souls from going poltergeist for longer, but can also bring back those who had extreme amounts of extra soul. So you get to pick any five fashion designers from any point in history you choose – at least one has to specialize in shoes, please – and pair them with any living fashion designer of your choice.
Oh, my darling wordy bean, I’ve now lost interest in this question, perhaps I shall continue with it another time.

Sassy Gay Octopus asks: What are your thoughts on glam rock and the fashion of the neo-romantics etc?

I like the hair.

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