Amazon Woes: Novella Release Update

So I’ve been trying to update my short stories (I’ve 4 of them) with new cover art and cleaned up interior content (working links, typos fixed, nicer lay out, that kind of thing).

Unfortunately Amazon decided to flag me for copyright infringement…

On myself….


Multiple personality disorder much?

I might have thrown a bit of a hissy fit on social media…

In addition to being, frankly, rather puerile about the whole thing, I threw vast bits of paperwork at Amazon, activated Author Central and Amazon Help desk, and pinged my IP lawyer.

I don’t know what worked, but something did, because it’s all been sorted.

In case it was the social media outcry THANK YOU to those who out cried with me, you have no idea how helpful it is, not just in getting their attention, but in moral support.

Regardless of this first hurdle being crossed… All production is halted while I try to figure out what is going on. Said IP lawyer is drawing up paperwork that we hope will make things smoother next time. I was going to give you a release date for the first novella but now that is on hold in case they intend to pull this malarkey on me going forward.

I promise I will keep you all informed!

Oh the excitement of self publishing.

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6 Responses

  1. libwitch said:

    That is some very special software they are using over there. I bet if you had just changed a few words, you could have beat the system.

  2. John E. said:

    That'z crazy about Amazon. I work at a place called Better World Books which has a very strong Amazon connection so your story iz fascinating to me. I hope it workz out in your favor eventually!

  3. LitVamp said:

    I know only jerks comment about grammar, but whose/who's … I figure other word people are like me and would rather have the opportunity to correct. I chalk it up to the Amazon madness. Respectfully <3

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