A Great Deal Of Waffle About Werewolves in History

I’ve been nose deep into werewolves lately, Gentle Reader.

Yes, pun intended.

First there was releasing The Sumage Solution, then there was writing How to Marry a Werewolf (In 10 Easy Steps) and now there’s the arrival of Romancing the Werewolf.

In the process of all of this writing about werewolves, I came across some interesting articles, ballads, poems, and songs concerning historical Britain’s relationship to the wolf.

I thought you too might find them intriguing.

“Cambria’s proud Kings (tho’ with reluctance) paid
Their tributary wolves; head after head,
In full account, till the woods yield no more,
And all the rav’nous race extinct is a lost.”

~ Somerville’s Chase from James Harking’s British Animals Extinct Within Historic Times published in 1880.

“Thrice race famous Saxon king, on whom Time ne’er shall prey.
O Edgar! who compell’dst our Ludwall hence to pay
Three hundred Wolves a year for tribute unto thee;
And for that tribute paid, as famous may’st thou be,
O conquer’d British king, by whom was first destroy’d
The multitude of Wolves that long this land annoy’d.”

~ Drayton’s Polyolbion (Song ix) from James Harking’s British Animals Extinct Within Historic Times published in 1880.

“I see the ridge of hinds, the steep of the sloping glen
The wood of cuckoos at its foot,
The blue height of a thousand pines,
Of wolves, and roes, and elks.”

~ Translated from the Gaelic, The Aged Bard’s Wish from James Harking’s British Animals Extinct Within Historic Times published in 1880.

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“They have committed one of two misdemeanors (or both). First, they have demonstrated that they have no respect for my time—and no concept of the value of what they’re asking me for. … The real ask in these cases is ‘Can I have your reputation?’ In other words, ‘Will you give me, for free, the single most valuable commodity you own, that you’ve worked your entire life to acquire?’”

~ Steven Pressfield on “clueless asks” (I get these all the time too)

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