An Author’s Research, Gail Carriger Talks 1890s Singapore & Peru for Competence

I thought you’d enjoy some insight into my research for Competence today, Gentle Reader.

Primrose starts out being stranded on a Singapore whey-station while the rest of the Custard crew sort of, well, crashes in Singapore.


Early, well before the Custard visits the area.


Transport 1889…

Some insights into the different types of attire and clothing, from much later on in time but still interesting.

Meanwhile, here I am in Singapore attempting to drop a baby live at the Equator! Proof I was there.


Later on in the book we visit Peru.

I don’t want to give anything away so I thought I’d show you a few images of places the crew visits, and after you read about it in Competence you might be able to guess what is what…

I hope this insight pleased you, Gentle Reader, and that it added to your enjoyment of the book!

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