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10 Best Thai Food Dishes You (Probably) Don’t Know About

Today, Gentle Reader, I’m going to tackle the Thai food that no one (of my acquaintance) really talks about. Please be aware that many of these dishes contain allergens. In which your intrepid authorbeast explores nibbles in Bangkok Before we start, in case you didn’t know: I’m a truly adventurous eater. I will eat anything […]

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Top 25 Things No One Tells You About Traveling to Thailand

Recently I spent 30 days in Thailand on a writing retreat. Mostly in Bangkok, but I did make it to one rural location (hiking, elephants) and one beach town. I did a ton of research ahead of time on Thailand and traveling there, but I was still unprepared for certain aspects. Here are my top […]

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Fictional Travel: Favorite Books With a Strong Sense of Place

I’m a pretty chronic traveller, Gentle Reader. My parents put me on a plane by myself to the UK when I was 10. I pretty much never stopped moving after that. I’ve lived and worked overseas, as a student and as an archaeologist. Since I became a full time author I’ve travelled more, not less. […]

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10 Best Packing Tips For Authors

This blog originally written for and posted at Fiction University. If you are an author or a soon to be author, it’s a great blog to follow. I highly recommend it. 10 Best Packing Tips For Authors I used to be an archaeologist. Now I write fiction for a living. Biggest surprise when I switched […]

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Want A Sneak Peek at the Research Behind Gail Carriger’s Competence?

Hello Gentle Reader, Here, for you entertainment, amusement and titillation are a few links and peeks into some of the research that I had to do for Competence, Custard Protocol #3. I do hope you enjoy! Podcasts History Extra Podcast: Victorian Medicine Dressed Podcast: Jewelry of Sentiment (Hair Work Jewelry History Part 1, Crafting Part […]

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