The Definitive Gail Carriger Book Reading Order (Special Extras)

The most common question I get at this juncture in my career?




1. The Curious Case short story

2. The Finishing School series

(start with Etiquette & Espionage)

3. The Delightfully Deadly books

4. The Parasol Protectorate series

(start with Meat Cute)

5. Romancing the Inventor novella

6. Prudence & Imprudence

(First 2 Custard Protocol Books, Rue’s POV)

7. Romancing the Werewolf novella

8. Competence & Reticence

(3rd & 4th Custard Protocol books, the twins’ POVs)

9. The Claw & Courtship books

10. The San Andreas Shifter series

(3 PNR books, start with a prequel short, Marine Biology) * ongoing

The Tinkered Stars series

(sci-fi, starting with Crudrat or The 5th Gender) * ongoing


All that said, my books are designed so that you should be able to pick up any one of the novellas or the first book in any of the series and use that as a jumping in point, or simply to decide if you like my style of writing.

Hopefully this makes sense.

All my books with cover art can be found here.

Here is a free downloadable printable pdf checklist of all my books.

I try to keep all these lists updated but do please know that new books are announced to my newsletter first.

Buy my books on: Amazon | Kobo | Apple | | Barnes & Noble | Chapters | Foyles

and pretty much everywhere else. You can also buy digitally directly from me on this website (each book has a page, each page has buy links).

Here’s a full explanation video (end of 2021).

And here is what the office looked like after I completed the above video:

Here’s an earlier video with many of the book on a shelf, in which I also talk about some research books.


In the above I walk you through my books in chronological order (as of early 2019) and suggested reading order.

Books Mentioned

All Books 2019 Spines Gail Carriger Free

Not All Fans Agree With Me!

Reading order is hotly contested by my fans. As a completest, I myself would read them in chronological order as above. However, most of the members of my Facebook Group contend they ought to be read in order written.

So if you started with Soulless then this is for you!

  1. Parasol Protectorate
  2. Finishing School
  3. Delightfully Deadly
  4. Custard Protocol
  5. Supernatural Society
  6. Claw & Courtship
  7. San Andreas Shifters
  8. Tinkered Stars

Would you like all the Parasolverse books…

In world chronological order?

That’s here, with actual dates!

Gail Carriger All Books Reading Order 2019

Written Order (by publication date)

That’s here, by publication date.

Hopefully you’ve found what you needed, if not please leave a comment?

Miss Gail

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Your Moment of Parasol . . .

1915–20, from the Met Museum

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

Self & Lilliput

Your Tisane of Smart . . .

1948 History of Tea

Quote of the Day:

“Now, Faith dear…”
“Yes, cousin?”
“Of course, you look absolutely ravishing, but perhaps no mention of rocks right away?”
“Not a single sedimentary sequence shall pass my lips, I promise.” Faith attempted to look grave.
“I don’t know what that means, dear, but thank you.”

~ Gail Carriger, How To Marry A Werewolf

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